The Economic Benefits of Global Vision Correction (Infographic)

Here at Zenni we make it our mission to provide affordable eyeglasses to just about anyone in the world. However, according to recent studies, the benefits of global clear vision go beyond just the value of improved eyesight, there is also a huge economic benefit. Click on the informational graphic below to get a larger picture of the value of of this simple global investment.

The economic benefits of global corrected vision, infographic by zenni optical

  • Otis

    I need lenses to personally check my refractive status. They are valuable to me for that purpose. I can then order the lens I require to restore my vision to 20/20 – by use of these test lenses.

  • Tom

    Why don’t you (Zenni) start a foundation and raise funds for this global issue? I’d donate to it.

    • Megan

      I second this. Zenni, you’ve given me a great opportunity to see again, when I didn’t have the ability to afford eye care. I suggest your service to every single mother, and low income friend I have. Now that I am doing financially better, I would gladly pay it forward to those in the world who don’t have the privilege that I do.

    • Sarah

      I third this. How about starting a buy a pair, give a pair program? I’d happily pay a few more bucks for your insanely affordable glasses to provide a pair for someone who can’t afford even those few dollars. And I’d spread the word about your company even more than I do now.

    • Otis

      Hi Tom,

      Subject: The failure is the “stone wall” mind of people in the National Eye Institute ( as described by HONEST Ophthalmologist Dr. Kaisu Viikari )

      I agree – but true-prevention is not Zenni’s responsibility – and they are well advised to stay out of that issue. But I profoundly appreciate the ease of obtaining low-cost plus or minus lenses for my own personal use. There have been a number of TRUE preventive studies proposed. (From previous successful plus-studies). They have ALL been ignored by the National Eye Institute. THAT is a denial of future science – and continues the destruction of our vision (from all the close work we are required to do. That is where this true failure exists.

  • lois

    i really enjoy both sets of glasses i have bought, the value and cost makes it worth wild to buy from this web sight. i have had no problems and hope to keep it that way. if you need glasses and can’t afford $200 plus this is the way to go.
    try to buy the lesser cost glasses that may make you happy they are there see if you like them and then get a better pair. you will have them in about 14 days.
    i have several members of my family buying though out and so far as good. have fun with them and enjoy all the choices. i know i do.

    thank you so much zenni for all you have done for everyone , keep up the good work and the best prices.

  • Ari

    This doesn’t address the major problem in the developed world, which is that nearsightedness is primarily caused by close-up work (reading, computer use, gaming, watching TV, etc.) for protracted periods of time. It is not genetic nor caused by disease. The eye care establishment, though, doesn’t want you to know this, so they can keep selling you progressively stronger prescription glasses and contacts, and maybe push you towards Lasik or some other surgery. Vision therapy is essential to counteracting the progressive decline of your vision in a world where close-up work takes up the majority of our time.

    • Otis

      Hi Ari,
      I found that if, with 20/50 vision on my Snellen, I order “plus” glasses from Zennioptical, I can clear my Snellen back to 20/20 by wearing those $12 plus lenses in a consistent manner for about nine months. ODs and MDs will not tell you how to do this – since they figure you will never make that type of commitment. So I protect my distant vision in that way – because no own else will.

  • Alex Sinclair


    • Otis

      Hi Alex,
      Subject: Low-cost test lens for self-prescription.

      I also found it impossible to negotiate the “right” lens for myself (to clear the 20/20 line). So I ordered these test lenses from Zennioptical. (This is the great value in doing optometry on myself – because I am in *control*.)

      Optometrists tell me they are not legally allowed to help me measure myself for the right lens – thus I must do this myself.
      (Before I do this – I clear ALL medical issues with an ophthalmologist.)


    please please i need new glasses but cannot afford regular opticians prices and medicare will not help either i enquired to zenni but was told they could not help me as i just had a cataract and retina detachment operations and my new prescription includes some prism correction to it please please any help or advice many thanks.

    • Otis

      This is the “last” price I paid: $250 for the exam, and $150 for glasses. Yes, there is a “Global PROBLEM” with that sort of thing. Before I could not buy my own “minus”. NOW I CAN, for $9. Now I use my own Snellen, a few test lenses (for $25 from Zenni) determine my “prescription” (lens to give me 20/20), and order that “spherical lens” from Zennioptical. That costs me, maybe $40 – as a ONE TIME EXPENSE FOR LIFE. No more expensive problems for me – any more. No more “nearsightedness” either.

  • Leila Jarvis

    I would be happy to donate my old glasses of which I have many if they went for sure to developing countries and were free to people needing them. Have you plans to start such a program? I truly love your Zenni Optical!

  • David Handel

    What about used glasses? My Rx changed and I have 4 pair I don’t need.

  • terry

    i shop zenni because they provide quality, affordable eyeglasses, and agree with others that i would contribute to a fund to help support the international need for eyeglasses and eye care. this blog suggest that zenni is at least interested in such and perhaps testing the waters.

    a donation box at checkout would seem appropriate, but asking zenni to create a foundation might not. international agencies already exist and other online eyeglass retailers already cooperate with them. to mind are VisionSpring and the Lions Club.

    for those zenni customers in the USA who need a vision exam, the Lions Club has such a program. also, the 21 colleges of optometry offer clinic and outreach programs.

    if each zenni customer donated $1 at checkout, a sizable amount would be generated.

    • Otis

      Hi Terry –
      Zennioptical is well advised to AVOID THIS SUBJECT. The “schools” would tear them up. Been there – done that. Just sell me the lenses that I order. That is all I ask. I am an engineer, so I can do all the rest under my control.

  • Gina

    Love the info on the Let There Be Sight post. I am disappointed that there is nothing on how to take action. Thanks to the responses/posters there are some ideas. I encourage you to post how people can take action whether through Zenni or information on agencies that do outreach.

    • Otis

      Hi Gina,
      I have met a number of ODs and MDs who advocate preventing entry into myopia. In recognition of that sincere goal (and the difficulties), I prepared information to support that goal on my site:

      I obtain and use any lenses for the project, from Zennioptical to avoid conflict whit people who can not support prevention.

  • Otis

    Hi Gina,
    The “medical community” has (privately) determined that they will NEVER help anyone with true-prevention. There are some engineers who have petitioned the National Eye Institute to take serious PREVENTIVE action. Here is that engineer:
    The response? They say that IT IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN! That is why trying to get the NEI to take there responsibility SERIOULY – is impossible. So forget about a $1.00 donation. You might support Don Rehm – if you are interested in plus-prevention.

  • cm

    If you have old glasses the Lion clubs in America will take them and when they go to developing counties they will fit the glasses to those that are coming to their clinic. They have been doing this for years.

  • wilm

    just please infos – chinese ?


    6th may

  • Otis

    Here is a Website, that I support, promoting eye-care for all – as discussed by Zennioptical.

    If you wish to make donations – they are doing wonderful work.

  • Otis

    Everyone asks – what is “PD”. You do not need an OD to make the measurement. Here is how simple it is to do it:
    Typically an OD will not supply this measurement – so you must do this yourself.

  • Otis

    I am an Engineer, interested in vision research. In my case I “simplify” the “Astigmatic” prescription into a “Spherical Equivalent” prescription. (This works – up to about -1.5 diopters of “Cylinder”.

    Just take 1/2 the Cylinder and add it to the first “Spherical”. Thus a prescription of -1.0 (Sph) Cyl: -1.0 diopters @ 45 degrees, becomes Spherical Equivalent of -1.0 + 1/2 = -1.5 diopters spherical equivalent. I got severe migraine headaches from wearing the excessive astigmatic prescription – which is the reason I had to make this change. (You can check with your OD – if necessary.) Some ODs prefer to just prescribe, “Spherical Equivalent”. I always insisted it – and never had an OD deny me this request.

    • Otis

      That is:

      -1.0 Diopter + ( -1/2 diopter) = -1.5 diopters, Spherical-Equivalent

      Sometimes the “Zenni order forum can be intimidating. Here is a short (example) video on how I order two lenses, -1.0 diopters and -1/2 diopter, Spherical.

      For my own research, I found it difficult to get accurate minus lenses. I profoundly value my ability to get my quality lenses from Zennioptical.

  • Otis

    Here is an EXAMPLE prescription. If the “Astigmatism” value is less that 1.0 diopters, you can convert it to “Spherical Equivalent”. In this case, the equivalent value would be -2.75 diopters and -3.50 diopters (Sph-Eqi).

    After I obtain this simplified glasses, I always put up this Snellen, and verify I read the 20/20 line:

    As an Engineer, I judge this 20/20 verification step is essential. (The DMV requires 20/40 or better with both eyes open – so I make CERTAIN I PASS THAT LINE – with the glasses I obtain from Zennioptical.

  • A.A.D.

    If you adopt a vegan diet, eat mostly raw veggies and fruit, and juice in order to drink raw carrots and greens your eyes may improve to where you do not need glasses! Mine have gotten better 4 times and right now I think my left eye has gotten better again so I need to have it checked. I go to Wal-Mart for an exam, which in my area costs $65.00. Then I order my glasses from Zenni. For diet information and very powerful testimonies about all sorts of cures, see

  • King Lion

    Lions Clubs International will gladly take your old eye glasses and they’ll be cleaned and polished up and sent out to help give someone else the gift of sight. When you get your new pair of glasses please look for the Lions Club eyeglass collection box, or find your nearest Lions Club by going to

    Support your local Lions Club “That none may be denied the gift of sight”.

    Thank you!

  • Otis

    Why are glasses so expensive? This is why I check my refractive status myself – and order the required lens from Zennioptical. I have no problem paying for a MEDICAL EXAM. But $150 to $500 for glasses?


  • KJ

    The chart was interesting but when can we see a new coupon code?

  • Otis

    Now you don’t need an optometrist any more. An inexperienced technician can prescribe for you:

    I have seen some truly strong minus lenses prescribed in this way – for people who pass the DMV (20/40 ) line. The effect of a strong minus – when not needed – is to cause myopia – in the first place. Please no more auto-refractors.