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Kids’ Prescription Eyeglasses

Kids’ glasses are frequently as expensive as those worn by their adult counterparts, yet they often see substantially more abuse. Kids are notorious for dropping their glasses, having them knocked off their face during PE, accidentally sitting on them while waiting for the bus, and leaving them behind at the most inopportune time.

When shopping for new children’s glasses it is important to remember that these prescription glasses will see their fair share of bumps and bruises. It often pays to invest in several pairs of boys’ eyeglasses or girls’ glasses, as they will inevitably break at least one pair. This can be an expensive proposition, though, as most eyeglass stores and optometrist offices tend to charge hundreds of dollars for simple frames and lenses.

At Zenni Optical, we know that eyeglasses are important to you and your kids – but they don't have to be expensive! Our company was founded on the idea that glasses should be affordable to all, and that the price hikes that are common among retailers aren't necessary.

While browsing the available kids’ frames at Zenni Optical, two things should stick out to you – the low prices and the wide range of styles available for your little ones. Sort the frames by price if you desire, or, look at the kids’ eyeglasses frames that match the style of your son or daughter. Sporty or chic? Traditional or just a little wild? No matter what type of glasses your kiddo needs, we have the frames that will complement his or her face structure and give your child the confidence of stellar eyesight.

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