Lightweight Glasses


Lightweight Eyeglasses

Lightweight glasses are available today - at Zenni Optical. With over a hundred eyeglass frames to choose from, you'll certainly find an eyeglass design that fits your facial profile and gives you the confident good looks you're seeking. Lightweight eyeglasses are generally more comfortable for the wearer than the more substantial, thicker, full-rim eyeglass designs. These lightweight units place less stress on your temples, the bridge of your nose, and the various pressure points on your face. Plus, they are less prone to slipping as the lightweight design keeps your glasses in place more easily than heavier glasses.

At Zenni Optical, we offer over one hundred lightweight eyeglass frames that range in price from less than $7, to just under $50. With a wide variety of frames that cost substantially less than those you'd find in a mall optics store or Optometrist's office, you can afford to purchase several pairs. Wear more formal frames at work or during evening events. Or, switch to colorful or playful designs for weekends away or relaxing times at home. Your glasses can make a statement - and you can now afford to pair your frames with your outfit to make a definitive style statement.

We're proud to say that our high-quality, stylish, and durable lightweight frames are offered at prices that are incredibly low. We founded Zenni Optical on the idea that eyeglasses needn't cost a fortune, and that looking good shouldn't be reserved for the few of us who can afford designer frames and major-label brands. Zenni Optical is your source for low-cost, lightweight glasses.

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