Celebrating Victory: Columbus Crew x Zenni

The Triumph of Style

Gearing up for their season kickoff this Saturday, the Columbus Crew team is now fitted with their custom Zenni sunglasses. Styled by eyewear stylist Marcelo Sanchez, these frames are customized with each player’s name, number, and a new 3 star logo that represents the 3 championship titles they hold. This exciting partnership exemplifies not only victory on the field, but also off the field with long term protection of eye health. Check out some behind the scenes snapshots from the team!


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A Closer Look at the Frames

The Basics

These frames have a classic glossy black finish that pairs well with any outfit or uniform. The square eyewire presents a robust style that complements all face shapes. Fitted with large lenses, these tinted lenses provide excellent coverage from the sun’s bright rays that players have to encounter daily. Not only that, but the acetate material is hypoallergenic and the large temples add extra durability.

Style Meets Victory

Zenni’s collaboration with the Columbus Crew goes beyond a commemorative accessory; it symbolizes the fusion of style and athletic achievement. The MLS Cup Champions sunglasses are more than just eyewear; they are a statement piece, boasting intricately engraved details that honor each player’s contribution to the team’s success.

Celebrating Victory: Columbus Crew x Zenni

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Personalized Excellence

Engraving the names, numbers, and the 3-star logo onto each pair of sunglasses adds a layer of personalization that resonates with both players and fans. It transforms eyewear into a cherished keepsake, capturing the essence of the Crew’s victories and the collective spirit that drives them forward. Zenni offers custom engraving services on many of their frames.

Protection Under the Sun

As athletes who spend considerable time training and playing outdoors, the importance of eye protection must also be addressed. These sunglasses serve as essential UV protection, ensuring the players’ eyes are shielded from harmful sun rays that can lead to long term eye conditions.

In the realm of sports and style, Zenni’s collaboration with the Columbus Crew exemplifies a perfect blend. It showcases the spirit of victory, the joy of personalized accessories, and the practicality of protective eyewear – a true representation of the intersection between sports and fashion.

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