Elevate Your Eyewear Collection with Zenni’s BOGA Deal!

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Shop These Zenni Frames

Zenni Optical is thrilled to announce a fantastic Buy One, Get Additional (BOGA) deal that lets you diversify your eyewear with stylish savings! Whether you’re shopping in the United States or Canada, we’ve got an exclusive offer that makes upgrading your glasses collection exciting and affordable.

Exclusive BOGA Offer Details

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Shop These Zenni Frames

For our customers in the United States, when you buy one pair of glasses at regular price, you can enjoy a 20% discount on each additional pair priced over $10. Canadian shoppers aren’t left out—buy one pair and get 20% off additional pairs over $15 CAD. This is the perfect opportunity to explore new styles and add versatility to your eyewear.

How to Save:

  • United States: Use code BOGA20
  • Canada: Use code BOGA20CA

Please Note:

This offer excludes discounted products, including frames and lenses, as well as the LNY frame collection.

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Now’s the time to refresh your look with multiple pairs of glasses. Whether you need a professional style for work, a casual pair for weekends, or something special for events, Zenni’s wide selection ensures you’ll find frames to suit every facet of your lifestyle. Don’t wait—this BOGA deal is the perfect chance to save on additional pairs and step up your eyewear game. Head to Zenni Optical online, apply the code, and enjoy your savings today!

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