Exploring CooperVision’s Contact Lenses

CooperVision stands as a leading name in the contact lens industry, renowned for its commitment to innovation, comfort, and vision excellence. Whether you’re new to wearing contact lenses or considering a switch, understanding what CooperVision has to offer can make all the difference in your eye care journey.


Introduction to CooperVision

CooperVision is a global manufacturer of contact lenses, dedicated to providing a wide range of options to meet diverse vision needs. With a strong emphasis on quality, comfort, and cutting-edge technology, CooperVision lenses are designed to enhance visual clarity while ensuring lasting comfort throughout the day.

Comprehensive Lens Portfolio

Daily Disposable Lenses

CooperVision offers a variety of daily disposable lenses, such as Clariti 1 Day and MyDay. These lenses provide convenience and freshness, as they are discarded daily, eliminating the need for cleaning and storage. They are ideal for those with busy lifestyles who prioritize comfort and hygiene.

Bi-Weekly Disposable Lenses

Biweekly contact lenses offer a convenient middle ground between daily disposables and monthly replacements, providing wearers with flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Avaira Vitality and Biomedics contact lenses are designed to last two weeks of wear before requiring replacement, making them suitable for individuals with active lifestyles who prefer less frequent lens changes.

Monthly Replacement Lenses

For those preferring a longer wearing cycle, CooperVision provides monthly replacement lenses like Biofinity and Proclear. These lenses are designed for extended wear, offering durability and consistent performance. They are crafted with advanced materials that promote oxygen flow to the eyes, ensuring comfort even during prolonged use.

Specialty Lenses

CooperVision also offers contact lenses tailored to correct specific vision conditions while maintaining comfort and clarity.

  • Toric: These contacts are designed for individuals with astigmatism, and offer varying powers in different meridians of the lens.
  • Multifocal: CooperVision’s multifocal lenses, cater to those experiencing presbyopia, a natural age-related condition where near vision becomes blurred. These lenses allow wearers to see clearly at various distances without the need for reading glasses
  • XR: Extended Range (XR) lenses from CooperVision are designed to correct higher degrees of myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), or astigmatism than standard contacts.


Key Features and Technologies

Aquaform Technology

Many CooperVision lenses, including Biofinity and MyDay, feature Aquaform Technology. This technology enhances moisture retention within the lens material, promoting a natural wettable surface that keeps eyes hydrated and comfortable throughout the day.

PC Technology

CooperVision’s Proclear lenses utilize PC Technology, which attracts and binds water molecules to the lens surface. This helps maintain hydration and ensures a comfortable wearing experience, particularly beneficial for wearers with dry eyes.

WetLoc Technology:

CooperVision’s WetLoc Technology is featured in their Clariti 1-Day line. This innovative technology locks in moisture on the lens surface, promoting long-lasting hydration throughout the day.


CooperVision continues to set industry standards with its dedication to vision innovation and wearer comfort. Whether you’re looking for daily disposables, monthly replacements, or specialty lenses, CooperVision offers a comprehensive range of contact lenses designed to enhance your visual experience. Explore the possibilities with CooperVision today and discover how their lenses can transform your perspective on clear, comfortable vision.

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