Fashion Frames Forecast For 2013

It’s a brand new year and the variety available in trendy, yet affordable, new eyewear frames is simply wonderful. Yes, it’s like being a kid in a candy store with all the appealing colors and shapes in these fashion frames — tasty!! And whatever your exact taste in glasses is — mod, urban, elegant, romantic, dramatic, or a fabulous combination of any or all of these — you’re bound to find amazing frames at great Zenni prices, of course! It’s so possible to wear more than one great, trendy eyewear style, that you may even want all four of these big trends in eyeglass frames for 2013:

Make A Multi-Colored Statement

This trend is all about fun with each part of the frame being a different zesty color. The stylish possibilities to get you up to date for Spring/Summer 2013 are endless. You could scoop up different color combo frames to go with all of your seasonal outfits. There are all-pastel frames with pale pinks, greens, yellows and blues. Even the sides can be a different color and this goes for bright, multi-colored eyewear frames too. Strong reds and blues can co-exist beautifully on the same pair of glasses. You could even combine prints with solid colors on the same frames.

One fashion forward idea for getting a trendy multi-colored frame is to contrast a “normal” black front with bold, bright sides. This ultra-cool Zenni #269816 frame with bolts of blue is a Spring/Summer style steal at just $12.95.

Cut That Out

If urban elegance is one of your favorite styles, you’re sure to love this fashion frame trend for 2013. The hallmarks of this look are airy designs such as cross bar aviators and rectangular, rimless lower lenses with thick, artistically cut-out sides. Look for  finishes such as clear Lucite, black leather or dark metal as any of these will get that sophisticated vibe that is trending for the new year. Black, smoky tints on sunglasses in this style are well, really smokin’!

For only $23.95, you can look like you just won the lottery in this stylishly street smart, Zenni #401315 fashion frame:

Let The (Translucent) Cat Eyes Have It

Cat-eye glasses are back for Spring/Summer 2013 and this time the look is all about transparency and tints as well as bold tortoiseshell patterns. If you love to be bold and beautiful, don’t hide in your shell, but instead, look for bold tortoise cat-eye frames that scream “glamor queen.” If blue is your color, translucent cat eyewear in icy blues or aquas can really help you keep your fashion cool this Summer. To feel pretty in pink, the translucent , ultra-feminine cat-eye style of eyeglasses can be perfect as you can pick from a plethora of pinks out there from face powder to cotton candy. Translucent neutrals can go with pink or any of your favorite warm weather colors and they are elegant enough for the office.

Check out this trendy, translucent brown Zenni #223615 frame that is beyond affordable at just $6.95!:

Take Sides

Think retro and arty for this boldly artistic trend in eyewear for 2013.  Any lens type goes here whether its round, rectangular or just over-sized. The key style factor is to have one or two features that stand out — in a good way.  A strong color, such as hot red or chilly blue, is one way to accomplish this, but thick, designer-looking sides on the frames and/or a rich pattern are other style-minded ways.

The ultra-richness of the deep tortoise finish on this Zenni #485025 frame accomplishes the trend perfectly.  The awesomely noticeable, wide sides add another trendy punch to one incredible frame at an unbeatable price: $27.95: