“Frame Friday” Roundup: Arbor Day Glory!

It’s Arbor Day, the perfect time to hug a tree. Whether is your personal spirit guru (though rarely bespectacled, the man did have a dominant beard) or you have to look up the arbor, the last Friday in April tells us two things: Earth Day already happened, and we’re more than half way through Spring. There’s no better way to celebrate nature than by getting out there and experiencing it as it comes to life. And you’ll see, feel, and enjoy Mother Nature better with the right glasses. In the real world, those thousand-word pictures everybody’s talking about won’t have quite the same impact if you can’t see through old glasses nor bare to be seen in those frames.

Fortunately, we’ve got the right frames for you, you Earth-conscious, appropriately hip and thoughtful celebrator of Arbor day. Whether subtle style, essential comfort, effective functionality, or splashy color are your thing, you can find the right frames and lenses to enjoy nature’s soothing hues in the clear detail that was always meant to be. Not only does this mean you might more fully enjoy the brilliant colors of a bird you spot, you’re also less likely to crash into a low branch and be reminded of your “cityfied” side.


But be warned. These is no turning back once you put on the right pair of glasses. You’ll be spoiled forever, never again content to wear ill-fitting, ugly frames with old lenses that aren’t the right prescription. And if you take the time to celebrate Arbor day in your new glasses… Consider yourself ruined, forever doomed to remember the simple beauty of a natural scene seen through appropriate glasses. What a lesson to learn on Arbor Day.