“Frame Friday” Roundup: Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Style

Monday, May 5 is Cinco de Mayo, a holiday that usually coincides with the the first days of perfect outdoor weather, making it a great time to break out your hot new pair of Zenni glasses. Whether you’re celebrating those May flowers everyone talked about on dreary April days or just love a good party, there’s no better opportunity than Cinco de Mayo if you want to make a splash in the perfect frames.

Cinco de Mayo began in Mexican-American communities in the U.S. Southwest. It is not, as some believe, a borrowed celebration of Mexican Independence Day, but rather a uniquely American day, firmly connected to this country’s roots and the time leading up to and after the U.S. Civil War.

“Why the history lesson?”, you might ask. With these perfect seasonal frames ready to for spring, and the festivities of Cinco de Mayo upon us, it was important for you to understand that celebrating this holiday is patriotic. 

It also happens to offer an opportunity to slide on some chic shades or a pair of just-for-spring colorful Zenni glasses and heat up the barbecue. With the weather finally getting awesome and it staying light out past 8PM, why not celebrate Cinco de Mayo outside with friends and family?

The ingredients for a perfect Cinco de Mayo celebration very. For some, it’s about Mexican flags and food from northern Mexico/southern California, such as burritos, pico de gallo, guacamole that flows like water, and fish tacos. For others, a few festive, contemporary Latino pop songs are enough to liven up a Cinco de Mayo party.

The theme is obviously aspect of Mexican-American culture, but that’s such a broad concept that even these amazing green and white glasses could qualify.

Spring has sprung, April showers are tapering off, and Monday is Cinco de Mayo. It’s a great time to be out and about, showing off your Zenni glasses and enjoying life.