“Frame Friday” Roundup: Smile with Your Eyes

Yesterday was (unofficially) the 11th year celebrating National High-Five Day! Alright! Go high five someone if you feel awesome about something, especially if you feel awesome about your glasses and how they look on your face. What’s that? They’re “just, kind-of…there,” you say? You know that when people smile, they show it in their eyes and that energy permeates the room and the people in it, right? It’s time for you to find some glasses that make you feel awesome enough to high five strangers.

Perhaps that means something slim, sleek, and functional with just a bit of edge like these. If you want that modern, refined look that emphasizes your own natural looks, or perhaps slightly more substantial frames that splash color onto your face to compliment everything behind the lenses, these are a good place to start.

Or maybe it’s the other way around, and you’ve been too reserved with your eye wear. These are certainly two sets of frames that will draw attention to your face. And you can imagine the smiled you’ll see on your own face every time you catch your reflection with some thick, stylish, retro cat-eye frames.

And then there’s the middle ground. Nothing too flashy but certainly not on the dour list of frames an old librarian would comfortably don, these frames do a little bit of everything. Durable and lightweight, a suggestion of the lines and shapes that are trending without overdoing it, these are the frames that you can’t walk away from.

So don’t miss out on another excuse to let your light shine through and smile with your eyes. Earn that high five with the perfect pair of glasses.