“Frame Friday” Roundup: Spooky Specs

  • BY Dave Schreiner

Just because last night was “official” Halloween doesn’t mean you missed your window to get dressed up and have fun, and perhaps try some complimentary glasses to complete your look. Tons of Halloween parties on Friday and Saturday night offer the perfect venue to get scary-creative and deck yourself out, face to head to toe in your finest. Check out these frames for some inspiring Halloween ideas and some glasses that you’ll be happy to wear all year.

Starting with the top left, I see a great option for the traditional, white-sheet ghost or for a Scandinavian scientist, then costume appropriate glasses for any number of Savanna animals; Bottom right, you have a great pair for someone wanting to be a sexy blueberry or perhaps a martian, while the black pair on the left could be taped “nerd” glasses if you see yourself as a character from The IT Crowd.


What you notice from all these ideas is that the right glasses can help you see while blending in with your chosen costume or they can be an essential accent, a focal point of the effect. That’s the sign of creative costume design and of awesome glasses. And of course, they are all comfortable, durable, and stylish enough to continue being useful when you aren’t dressing up as a make-believe character on a children’s holiday.

Finally, let’s get shady. I might be showing my age a bit when I say the black sunglasses on the left seem like¬†the¬†stereotypical dude sunglasses. So they’re perfect for your weekend Halloween parties if you want to dress like the 90’s, or if you’re just a fan of the classics. Aside from a penchant for bad puns and a desire to wear a flannel jacket around the waste, people who consider these awesome glasses might also look to the pair on the right to complete their “That Swamp Thing You Do” get-up. In other words, with the right glasses, the sky is the limit thanks to Zenni Optical and Frame Friday.