2756 Children's Plastic Full-Rim Frame

  • Frame #275619
  • $9.95
  • 12 Reviews
Select Your Color:Pink
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Frame Size
  • bridge Bridge: 17
  • lens-width Lens Width: 42
  • frame-width Frame Width: 116
  • temple-length Temple Length: 128
  • lens-height Lens Height: 24
  • frame-weight Frame Weight: 20

Rim:Full Rim


Shape: Rectangle

Label.HelpTips.PDRangePD Range: 35-60

Label.HelpTips.ProgressiveBifocalProgressive/Bifocal: No

Zenni customers are so smart they consistently place in the highest intelligence percentile worldwide. They're also super good-looking, especially in their Zenni glasses! So it's good to know that our brilliant customers think this full-rim, medium-size, rectangular, hypoallergenic acetate Kids' eyeglasses frame is amazingly versatile, as evidenced by their reviews. Each review refers to the pink version, which has a cute flowered pattern on the temple arms. But the blue model, with a geometric basket-weave pattern, is awesome, too. What struck us was that parents of girls ages 4 to 10 say these are great glasses. Parents of 4-year-olds may need to adjust the fit of the temple arms accordingly; that's why we've embedded the temple arms with stainless steel rods, to make them easy to adjust. See? We're not so dumb, either. But of course you're smart enough to know that.

12 Reviews/ Write A Review

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PD: 61



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    • Pros
    • +Stylish(4)
    • +Fits Well(4)
    • +Durable(3)
    • +Accurate Magnification(3)
    • +Comfortable(3)
    • Lenses
    • +Accurate Prescription(5)
    • Describe Yourself
    • +Casual(4)
    • +Trendy/Stylish(3)
    • Sizing
    • +Feels True To Size(3)
    • Best Uses
    • +General/Distance(6)
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MOST LIKED POSITIVE REVIEW: Great little glasses!

These were wonderful glasses! Thank goodness they are so cheap I am already buying a second pair since they have been lost.... Read the Full Review

Mom in GA


Date of Review:8/27/2013

Color reviewed:Pink


Great little glasses!

These were wonderful glasses! Thank goodness they are so cheap I am already buying a second pair since they have been lost.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend



Date of Review:11/2/2014

Color reviewed:Pink


Good for smaller kids.
  • Pros Stylish
  • Lenses Light Weight ,   Accurate Prescription
  • Describe Yourself Casual ,   Trendy/Stylish
  • Best Uses General/Distance ,   Reading ,   Computer

  They seem like they are just a little snug for her head but not uncomfortable. When I need to get another pair I will go with a wider frame. If you have a way to Measure I would definitely recommend doing so or go to a eye center and try on glasses to get a good fit and right the measurements down

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Location:Cordele, GA

Date of Review:9/30/2014

Color reviewed:Pink


Nice quality
  • Pros Accurate Magnification
  • Lens Tint Just Right
  • Lenses Accurate Prescription
  • Cons Too Small
  • Describe Yourself Casual
  • Best Uses General/Distance

These are for my daughter, they are a tad too small and she's 11. But the prescription was accurate. I ordered her another pair and these will be her backup pair. They are very great deal for the price. Even with ordering second pair of glasses, still cheaper than what my co-pay would have been.

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Location:Edmonton, CA

Date of Review:9/3/2014

Color reviewed:Pink


Appropriate for kids 6 to 9yrs old
  • Pros Accurate Magnification
  • Lens Tint Just Right
  • Lenses Accurate Prescription
  • Cons Uncomfortable
  • Best Uses General/Distance

bought it for my 10 yr old girl. I would say this is a little small that it gets wide on the ears and narrow on the face. It should be perfect for kids 6-9 yr old.

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Holly Ann

Location:New England

Date of Review:8/30/2014

Color reviewed:Pink


She LOVES them!
  • Pros Comfortable ,   Fits Well ,   Stylish
  • Describe Yourself Trendy/Stylish
  • Best Uses Novelty/Costume

I got these with a non-prescription lens for my 8 year-old, because she loves the idea of having another fashion accessory. They fit her perfectly and she adores them. They look great on her. I will definitely be ordering more glasses from here for her and myself.

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Date of Review:8/14/2014

Color reviewed:Pink


Ok Frames
  • Cons Uncomfortable
  • Best Uses Extra Pair ,   General/Distance

I purchased these as a backup pair for my 7 year old daughter, and the rx was fine, but the frames were not very comfortable for her. They slipped down quite a bit, despite the temple arm being bent down to fit.

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Location:Las Vegas, NV

Date of Review:7/21/2014

Color reviewed:Pink


I would buy this product again
  • Pros Stylish ,   Comfortable ,   Fits Well ,   Scratch Resistant ,   Durable
  • Describe Yourself Casual Dresser ,   Trendy/Stylish ,   Casual
  • Sizing Feels True To Size
  • Best Uses Outdoors ,   General/Distance ,   Computer ,   kids ,   Sports

I ordered these for my then 9 yo daughter and she has been wearing them for a year and a half now. They are still in great shape.

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Momma 211


Date of Review:12/28/2013

Color reviewed:Pink


great price
  • Pros Fits Well ,   Durable
  • Lenses Accurate Prescription
  • Cons Heavy
  • Describe Yourself Other
  • Sizing Feels True To Size

Bought for a tiny 3yo. Hard to find frames that are small enough. These worked well after my husband bent to fit around her ears. He works with plastic so he just put each end in boiling water for a short time and then applied pressure. Voila! Great fit!

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Location:Columbus, Ohio

Date of Review:12/7/2013

Color reviewed:Pink


Can't beat it!!!
  • Pros Scratch Resistant ,   Fits Well ,   Accurate Magnification ,   High Quality ,   Stylish ,   Durable ,   Comfortable
  • Lenses Accurate Prescription ,   No Glare
  • Describe Yourself Casual
  • Sizing Feels True To Size
  • Best Uses General/Distance

My daughter was 5 when I bought them 1 year ago, they are still standing strong today! No lens scratches, no frame breaks! Had to tighten frames only once the whole year! Absolute best $20 I've ever spent!! Thank you Zenni!!!!!

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Date of Review:11/7/2013

Color reviewed:Pink


Great value!

Just discovered zenni and you can't go wrong for $10, my daughter loves these, she is 4 and she would definitely get another 2 years wear out of this frame. She has taken to colour coordinating her glasses with her clothes, so these are being well used.

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Date of Review:10/25/2013

Color reviewed:Pink


great for price!
  • Pros Cheap
  • Best Uses Extra Pair

I got this as a second cheap pair for my daughter (5yo). It fits her round face well. i would say it really fits 5-7yos faces. What i love most about this frame is the price. i think this is a good frame to get if your daughter has a little bit higher Rx. For example, mine has -.25 in one eye and +2.75 in the other. For the +2.75, they always recommend the higher grade lenses=thinner=more expensive. since this was cheap pair, i didnt want the $40 lens upgrade. I thought it might look bad with one being thick, one thin--but this pair really hides the higher RX in the frame. So I am happy with the turn out!

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