Rimless Stainless Steel Frame with Designed on Temples 470618

  • Frame #470618
  • $29.95
  • 2 Reviews
Women Rimless Stainless Steel Eyeglasses #470618
Select a Lens Shape selected lens
Select Your Color: Red This color is now enjoying its well-deserved retirement.
Frame Size
  • bridge Bridge: 21
  • lens-width Lens Width: 52
  • frame-width Frame Width: 0
  • temple-length Temple Length: 142
  • lens-height Lens Height: 28
  • frame-weight Frame Weight: 19

Rim: Rimless

Material: Stainless Steel

PD Range: 58-82

Progressive/Bifocal: No

A rimless, extremely durable hypoallergenic stainless steel frame with designed on temples. This frame is shown with lens shape #356. Please refer to the lens shape button above to see the 16 different lens shapes and sizes available with this frame. These different lens shape and size choices can significantly alter the overall look and final size of this frame. For a graphic illustration of the shapes of the lenses available for the rimless styles, click on "Select a Lens Shape" below. After a lens is selected, the lens model number followed by lens width x lens height will be displayed.

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PD: 56



based on 2 reviews


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Location:Bay Area, CA

Date of Review:12/2/2012

Color reviewed:Brown


  • Pros Lightweight ,   Durable ,   Fits Well ,   Comfortable ,   High Quality ,   Stylish
  • Lenses Accurate Prescription ,   No Glare ,   Light Weight

I love these glasses! I wear them with casual clothes and they go with everything. They look expensive and different from what everyone else is wearing. Best pair I've bought. :)

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Date of Review:3/13/2012

Color reviewed:Brown


Sturdy frame - Designer Look
  • Pros Durable ,   Fits Well ,   Stylish ,   Comfortable ,   High Quality ,   Lightweight
  • Lenses Lens Is Tough ,   Light Weight ,   Accurate Prescription
  • Describe Yourself Casual ,   Trendy/Stylish
  • Best Uses General/Distance ,   Sports

Went all out on these and got the polycarbonate photo chromatic progressive lens. These probably would have cost $600 + at an eye care professional. This frame attaches underneath the lens rather than over the top. I have the same lens on frame #717414 and the fit on this frame is tighter. Because of the nice tight fit, this is my go to pair when I'm active. They really stay put no matter how much I move around. They are also nice and light. The double attachment points keep the lenses seated securely on the frame. I find single attachment points on frameless designs tend to loosen over time. Love the look of these glasses for dress too. People think they are D & Gs. The cut out on the side kind of looks like a DG logo. Zenni's glasses are so cheap, I can buy several pairs and change up my style. Thanks Zenni!

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