5788 Rimless Titanium Frame

  • Frame #578814
  • $45.95
  • 8 Reviews
Select Your Color:Gold
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Frame Size
  • bridge Bridge: 18
  • lens-width Lens Width: 52
  • frame-width Frame Width: 0
  • temple-length Temple Length: 140
  • lens-height Lens Height: 30
  • frame-weight Frame Weight: 12



Label.HelpTips.PDRangePD Range: 56-79

Label.HelpTips.ProgressiveBifocalProgressive/Bifocal: Yes

Stylishly slight in appearance yet remarkably strong, this rimless titanium frame is a cut above. A very light and flexible frame, this model is comfortable to wear anytime. Features adjustable nosepads for a custom fit. This frame is shown with lens shape #228. Please refer to the lens shape button above to see the 37 different lens shapes and sizes available with this frame. These different lens shape and size choices can significantly alter the overall look and final size of this frame.

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PD: 61



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    • Pros
    • +Stylish(4)
    • +Comfortable(4)
    • +Accurate Magnification(3)
    • +Fits Well(3)
    • Lenses
    • +Light Weight(5)
    • +Accurate Prescription(4)
    • Describe Yourself
    • +Casual(3)
    • Sizing
    • +Feels True To Size(5)
    • Best Uses
    • +General/Distance(6)
    • +Driving(5)
    • +Reading(4)
    • +Computer(3)
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The woman from the south.

Location:Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Date of Review:11/19/2014

Color reviewed:Gold


Best glasses I've ever had.
  • Pros Comfortable ,   Durable ,   Stylish ,   Scratch Resistant ,   Fits Well ,   Accurate Magnification ,   High Quality
  • Lens Tint Just Right
  • Lenses Accurate Prescription ,   Lens Is Tough ,   Light Weight
  • Describe Yourself Trendy/Stylish ,   Casual ,   Formal
  • Sizing Feels True To Size
  • Best Uses Travel ,   Computer ,   Driving ,   Sunglasses ,   Formal ,   Outdoors ,   Reading ,   General/Distance

I've had these glasses since September 2014 and never had a problem. Haven't even had to tighten the screws.

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Date of Review:9/14/2014

Color reviewed:Multicolor


Best glasses ever for the price
  • Pros Accurate Magnification ,   Stylish ,   Comfortable ,   Durable
  • Lenses No Glare ,   Light Weight
  • Describe Yourself Casual Dresser ,   Casual
  • Sizing Feels True To Size
  • Best Uses Sports ,   Computer ,   Outdoors ,   Sunglasses ,   Reading ,   Driving ,   Travel ,   Formal ,   General/Distance

Had these glasses coming up to two year's, just scratched a lens so need a new pair, went to a local optometrist and they wanted €450 for just the lenses so I have ordered a new pair from Zenni at less than half that price. Brilliant glasses never had a problem with them.

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Location:Prince Edward Island, Canada

Date of Review:7/29/2014

Color reviewed:Multicolor


Disappointing Quality!
  • Pros Stylish
  • Lenses Lens Is Tough ,   Light Weight ,   Accurate Prescription
  • Cons Poor Quality ,   Break Easily
  • Describe Yourself Trendy/Stylish
  • Sizing Feels True To Size
  • Best Uses General/Distance ,   Reading ,   Driving ,   Computer

This frame is minimalist cutting edge style. I have always loved my Zenni glasses but these, the most expensive of all I have purchased, constantly needed adjustment, screws fell out, nose piece fell off, both arms broke. Not worth the money at all. In just 6 months they were totally unwearable.

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Location:Bullhead City, AZ

Date of Review:5/19/2014

Color reviewed:Multicolor


I LOVE these frames.
  • Pros Stylish ,   Scratch Resistant ,   Fits Well ,   Accurate Magnification ,   Comfortable
  • Lenses Light Weight ,   No Glare ,   Accurate Prescription
  • Cons None
  • Describe Yourself Casual
  • Best Uses Driving ,   General/Distance

I received several compliments on these glasses! I absolutely love them. I had to uit wearing contacts due to eye problems and was so unhappy. When I received these glasses they looked good and felt good. I intended to buy this same frame again and again! Unfortunately, OUT OF STOCK!

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Erica the cunning

Location:St Paul, MN

Date of Review:1/30/2014

Color reviewed:Multicolor


Looks nice, crappy lens design
  • Pros Stylish ,   Comfortable
  • Lens Tint Just Right
  • Lenses Light Weight
  • Cons Break Easily
  • Describe Yourself Casual Dresser ,   Trendy/Stylish
  • Sizing Feels True To Size
  • Best Uses General/Distance

I love the frame style, but it's a poor design...there's too much stress on the lenses. The 1st pair broke where the ear piece attaches to the lens. Zenni was 'fairly' accommodating in replacing it, but then I bumped the glasses while wearing them and they snapped the lens again, same place.

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Location:Louisville, KY

Date of Review:1/27/2014

Color reviewed:Multicolor


Love it!
  • Pros Comfortable ,   Fits Well ,   High Quality ,   Accurate Magnification
  • Lenses Light Weight ,   Accurate Prescription
  • Describe Yourself Casual
  • Sizing Feels True To Size
  • Best Uses Computer ,   Reading ,   General/Distance ,   Travel ,   Driving

I ordered the multicolor w/ the cats eye lens (348). I needed a wide lens to get the overall width, but I wanted some heighth, too, because I'm tired of looking over the tops of my lenses. The cats eye offered both & gives it a little retro look. Very light weight & comfy & lots of compliments.

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Location:Gainesville, FL

Date of Review:12/3/2013

Color reviewed:Gold


Look great
  • Pros High Quality ,   Fits Well
  • Lenses Accurate Prescription
  • Sizing Feels True To Size
  • Best Uses Reading ,   Driving ,   General/Distance

I ordered lens #226 for my progressive prescription and the gold colored frame. It looks like it will be long-lasting and is attractive.

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Date of Review:11/29/2013

Color reviewed:Multicolor


This frame is adorable!!

I've had so many complements on this frame!! It feels nice, but you do have to be careful and when the hex nuts start to come loose, be sure to tighten them right away. Might even come back and get a second pair in a new rx!!

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