The Production Line of Sight (Infographic)

Blue, brown, or hazel, our eyes are amazing mechanisms. They work much like a very complex production line converting “light” into “sight”. And it all happens faster than the blink of an eye. (Click The Graphic For A Close Up)

Click for A Close Up!

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  • Rose Arsenault

    I order from Zenni alot for me and my family. Love their glasses and have enjoyed every pair I ordered so far. Will be ordering again soon..

  • Peter Andreae

    It would be nicer if it also included and explained some of the other common problems, especially long-sightedness, presbyopia, and especially astigmatism.

  • admin

    What a great suggestion Peter, We’ll be sure to write some follow up posts about those topics in the coming weeks.

    we have a post about astigmatism if you wanna read more about that.

    Thanks for the comment – Zenni Optical

  • Jeanette OBrien

    Thank you for the info. Do you have info on cataracts ?

  • admin

    Hi Jeanette,

    Here’s an article we wrote that talks about cataracts

    and an article from the National Eye Institute for more info

  • Chrissy

    I need to know: My PD is 59.5. Do I order 59 OR 60 ?????? I see there is no half values so any help is appreciated…


  • Chrissy

    My PD is 59.5… so do I order 59 or 60????? I see there is no half values so am at a loss. Help!!!!

  • admin

    Hi Chrissy,

    I’m sure our customer service reps would be able to help you with that question: 800-211-2105

    Either that or you can visit the live chat option on the home site:

    Or you can send your question via email and someone should get back to you relatively quickly:

    Hope this helps you get the answer you need.

    – Zenni

  • SFwriter

    Good graphic. A couple of constructive criticisms, though (and yes I’m being picky). In Step 1 it says the cornea focuses light — this could make it easy for some to mistake the cornea for the lens, since we already know that’s what the lens does. Perhaps draw a distinction. Then it says the aqueous humor circulates through the eye, which makes it sound like throughout the entire eye, and so might be confused with the vitreous fluid in Step 2. Finally, in Step 3 it says cones are packed into fovea, but fovea is not defined, as technical terms need to be for those who may not have them readily available in memory. (Sorry, just the persnickety editor in me.) Otherwise, a helpful visual aid. Thanks for providing it.

  • Posey Bowers

    I like your graphic BUT clicking on it only makes it smaller! Perhaps yo could offer it again as a .pdf file, jpg, or whatever. I would really appreciate being able to print out something letter size. Posey

  • Ryan

    Hi Posey,

    Try double clicking the link, it should expand to a full size graphic.

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  • Mary Ellen Barker

    Zenni glasses are awesome. I won’t buy another pair from a retailer. The quality is suberp and the customer service is incredible too. They really want to please their customers.

  • Samuel Hill

    I will be ordering glasses again , But the one I once received were too tight in the temple and the ear area . and they are leaving a mark in front of my ear
    what is the name of the measurement that corrects this problem ?

  • Advanced Eye Hospital

    Beautiful representation of how th eye works. Great job!

  • Anton

    There’s certainly a lot to know about this issue. I like all the points you have made.