Acetate Full-Rim Frame with Spring Hinges 308915

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  • $25.95
  • 2 Reviews
Select Your Color: Brown
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Frame Size
  • bridge Bridge: 19
  • lens-width Lens Width: 49
  • frame-width Frame Width: 136
  • temple-length Temple Length: 143
  • lens-height Lens Height: 42
  • frame-weight Frame Weight: 29

Rim:Full Rim


Shape: Wayfarer

Label.HelpTips.PDRangePD Range: 55-71

Label.HelpTips.ProgressiveBifocalProgressive/Bifocal: Yes

Ombre. It's not just for hair anymore. One of the trendiest styles of eyeglasses frames is the two-toned style known as ombre, usually with a darker color at the top of the frame, becoming lighter or clear on the bottom. This full-rim, wayfarer-style, hypoallergenic acetate Women's eyeglasses frame comes in two beautiful iterations of ombre, one with a rich, reddish brown brow line, becoming pink in the middle then yellow at the bottom, the other in deep shades of blue and red. This frame looks as refreshing as a popsicle, but you can go ahead and wear your glasses outside all day, no matter how hot it gets. We promise they won't melt.

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PD: 61



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Date of Review:2/12/2015

Color reviewed:Brown


Pinches on the nose.
  • Pros Stylish ,   Durable
  • Lens Tint Just Right
  • Cons Uncomfortable ,   Too Small
  • Describe Yourself Casual ,   Trendy/Stylish
  • Best Uses Computer ,   Extra Pair

Sadly after wearing them for a longer period of time, I noticed I was getting headaches. I got them adjusted and I then realized it was the bridge of the nose that was way to tight, and sits up high and pinches. I ordered other pairs and they fit nice and light. These are tight and heavy.

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Tiana doll

Location:Boston, ma

Date of Review:7/12/2014

Color reviewed:Brown


The ombré glasses
  • Pros Stylish ,   Fits Well ,   Durable
  • Lens Tint Just Right
  • Lenses Accurate Prescription ,   Light Weight
  • Describe Yourself Other ,   Trendy/Stylish
  • Sizing Feels True To Size
  • Best Uses Computer ,   General/Distance

I love these glasses for myself. Already have gotten so many compliments on the frames. The fade ("ombré") is a really cool coloring. expected them to be a bit bigger than what they looked like online but I love them regardless!

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