Frame Friday: Nerdy Chic for Comic-Con

super hero style glasses
In honor of Comic-Con, we thought we’d highlight some nerdy chic frames that feature some interesting textures, shapes and colors. Wear these and show off your geek pride!

(Don’t need glasses? Don’t worry, all of these frames can be ordered with non-prescription lenses.)


Wayfarers are classics, which is probably why game developers and comics writers/artists add them to their characters. Here are two updated wayfarers that are great for cosplay, but are sure to make you stand out from the crowd:

These sleek Gordon Freeman-style wayfarers seem to be super-conservative, until you look a little closer and spy those cool metal details on the temples. If you wanted to get even more bold and original, try the tortoiseshell version. Either way, these acetate frames are sturdy and flattering and will carry you from con to boardroom with ease

Clark Kent’s wayfarers are really just a clever disguise: Superman has x-ray vision after all, and hardly needs prescription lenses. Still,  those thick black frames give Clark Kent some reasonable cover and probably make people take him seriously. These plastic full rim wayfarers may look ordinary, but check out those temples. They’re accented with a crisscross diamond pattern that lets people know there’s more to you than might immediately meet the eye.

Anime Looks

Love anime?  Get the look you want with these whimsical styles from Zenni.

Electric blue frames with a double bar nose bridge will definitely get you noticed. Sure, you could go with the more conservative brown version, but what would be the point?

Feeling feline-ish? There’s nothing subtle about these highly styled cat’s-eye frames. Choose between black or tortoiseshell.

Feeling quirky? (Or more quirky than usual?) Check out these plaid frames. Yes, they’re from the Valentine’s Day collection, but we all need love year-round.

Girls just want to have fun, and Zenni sells these frames to prove it. Who wouldn’t have fun wearing one of these frames (in blue, black, red or green) speckled with tiny white polka-dots? In fact, who wouldn’t have fun looking at someone wearing these glasses?