Zenni x the*gamehers Partnership: A Fusion of Style and Gaming Passion

In an exciting collaboration that blends eyewear fashion with the dynamic world of gaming, Zenni has joined forces with the*gamehers to launch an exclusive eyewear collection. The partnership has garnered attention from esports enthusiasts and fashion-forward gamers alike, with a feature on the esteemed platform Esports Insider.

Zenni x the*gamehers Partnership: A Fusion of Style and Gaming Passion

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Who are the*gamehers?

The*gamehers stands as a community of women and femme-identifying gamers. They are the first and largest media platform to amplify and advocate for women gamers. Beyond fostering a supportive gaming community, the*gamehers aims to break barriers and promote inclusivity within the gaming industry. Their goal is to bring representation to women in gaming, who represent nearly half of the 3 billion gaming community.

Initiatives by Zenni and the*gamehers

As part of this collaboration, Zenni and the*gamehers are embarking on several initiatives to celebrate the diverse gaming community and promote eye health awareness and we’re so excited to see them unfold through this collaboration:

  1. Safe Space Streaming Lounges
  2. Pink Pixels Programming
  3. Ambassador Programs

Zenni x the*gamehers Partnership: A Fusion of Style and Gaming Passion

Zenni x the*gamehers Eyewear Collection

Later this year, Zenni and the*gamehers will unveil a distinctive eyewear collection inspired by the gaming community’s vibrancy and individuality. The collection promises a fusion of functionality and style, allowing gamers to express their unique personalities through fashionable frames while safeguarding their eyes from prolonged screen exposure. While we wait for the new collection, the*gamehers already have a collection of their favorite Zenni frames that we can browse.

Zenni x the*gamehers Partnership: A Fusion of Style and Gaming Passion

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Esports Insider Recognition

The Zenni x the*gamehers collaboration caught the eye of Esports Insider, a leading platform that covers the latest news and developments in the esports industry. This feature highlights the wide impact of merging eyewear fashion with the gaming culture, emphasizing the importance of eye health within the gaming community.

The partnership between Zenni and the*gamehers represents more than just an eyewear collection; it’s a celebration of diversity, inclusivity, and a shared passion for gaming. Stay tuned for the launch of this exclusive collection, where style meets functionality in the dynamic world of esports.

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