Keke Palmer’s Chic Eyewear: A Curly Bangs and Cat Eye Frames Duo

In the realm of fashion and entertainment, few personalities shine as brightly as Keke Palmer. As the host of the popular morning show and actress known for her versatility and charisma, Keke consistently captivates audiences with her effortless style and confidence. Recently, her fashion choices have been making headlines, particularly in a feature by Allure. In one of her recent episodes of Password with Liza Koshy, Keke donned a stunning pair of Zenni glasses, adding a touch of sophistication to her ensemble.


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Keke’s Signature Style: A Throwback to the 50s

In the most recent episode of Password, Keke Palmer once again stole the spotlight with her retro-inspired look. Sporting a pair of chic 50s-style cat-eye glasses, Keke exuded vintage charm and timeless elegance. The glasses, part of the Iris Apfel x Zenni Collection, perfectly complemented her ensemble featuring a thick black belt, adding a pop of vibrant red to her attire. Bedazzled with jewels and featuring a bold, angular design, these glasses are sure to turn heads and spark conversation wherever you go.

Keke Palmer's Chic Eyewear: A Curly Bangs and Cat Eye Frames Duo

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Embracing Individuality with Zenni

What sets these glasses apart is not just their style and sophistication but also the message they convey. As part of the Iris Apfel x Zenni collection, these frames celebrate individuality and self-expression. Inspired by the iconic fashionista Iris Apfel, known for her eclectic style and fearless approach to fashion, these glasses encourage wearers to embrace their unique sense of style and stand out from the crowd. In the words of Iris, “More is more, and less is a bore.”

Keke Palmer’s choice to wear these glasses on national television is a testament to her boldness and confidence. By pairing them with her retro-inspired ensemble, she sends a powerful message about the importance of embracing individuality and celebrating personal style. In a world where conformity often reigns supreme, Keke’s fashion-forward choice serves as a reminder to embrace what makes you unique and express yourself boldly and fearlessly.


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Keke Palmer’s recent fashion moment with Zenni glasses serves as a reminder of the power of eyewear to elevate and enhance any look. With their timeless design, vibrant color, and sparkling embellishments, these glasses are more than just accessories; they’re a reflection of personality and style. As Keke continues to dazzle audiences with her fashion choices, she inspires us all to embrace our individuality and express ourselves with confidence and flair.

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