Keke Palmer Shines in Zenni Frames on This Week’s Episode of Password


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Hey, Zenni Fam! Did you catch the latest episode of Password? If you did, you probably noticed the radiant Keke Palmer looking effortlessly stylish in frames from Zenni! From the moment she stepped onto the screen, Keke’s confidence and flair shone through, accentuated perfectly by her choice of eyewear.

Keke Palmer: A Fashion Icon

Keke Palmer is more than just a talented actress and singer; she’s a true fashion icon. Known for her bold choices and impeccable taste, Keke always manages to turn heads with her stunning ensembles, and her eyewear is no exception. Whether she’s gracing the red carpet or spotted out and about in the city, Keke effortlessly combines trends with her own unique flair, inspiring countless fans to embrace their individuality. With every appearance, Keke sets the bar high for fashion excellence, proving time and time again that she’s not just a star on screen, but also a style maven in her own right.

Keke Palmer Shines in Zenni Frames on This Week's Episode of Password

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Keke’s Frame Choice: A Perfect Match

On this week’s episode of Password, Keke Palmer stole the show with her chic Zenni frames. Not only did they compliment her outfit beautifully, but they also showcased her unique sense of style while providing the comfort and clarity she needs to shine on camera. These elegant cat-eye glasses are part of the ultra-luxe Iris Apfel x Zenni Collection, designed by style icon Iris Apfel. Made from our highest quality acetate, the glossy, jewel-toned look is hand-polished for an amazing shine. Whether it’s for a date or a holiday party, this look is perfect for a night out.

Join the Zenni Revolution

At Zenni, we believe in making high-quality, affordable eyewear accessible to everyone, allowing individuals to express their unique style. When celebrities like Keke Palmer choose our frames, it reinforces our mission’s impact and underscores the inclusivity of our brand. We’re thrilled to see Keke join our community of satisfied customers, showcasing our commitment to quality and affordability. Join us at Zenni and discover eyewear that lets you shine without breaking the bank.

Discover Your Perfect Pair

Ready to steal Keke Palmer’s style? You can shop the same frames she wore on this week’s episode of Password right here at Zenni Optical. With our user-friendly website and virtual try-on feature, finding your perfect pair of frames has never been easier.

Keke Palmer Shines in Zenni Frames on This Week's Episode of Password

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Whether you’re a fashion-forward trendsetter like Keke Palmer or just someone who appreciates great eyewear, Zenni Optical has everything you need to elevate your look. Join the Zenni fam today and discover why millions of people around the world trust us for their eyewear needs.

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