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In today’s digital age, our eyes and skin face constant challenges from the sun’s rays and digital screens. Meet EyeQLenz, the revolutionary light-adaptive lens that provides comprehensive protection against infrared, blue light, and harmful UV rays.

Anti-Infrared Defense

Did you know that infrared rays contribute to premature aging and skin damage? EyeQLenz incorporates cutting-edge anti-infrared technology to shield your delicate skin and eyes from these harmful effects. By reducing oxidative stress and collagen breakdown, this technology helps maintain your skin’s youthful appearance, ensuring you can enjoy the sun without worry.

Blue-Light Blocking Power

Staring at screens for prolonged periods can strain your eyes and disrupt your sleep patterns. EyeQLenz incorporates blue-light blocking properties, filtering out harmful rays emitted from screens. This not only enhances visual comfort but also supports long-term eye health, making it an essential companion for those who spend extended hours in front of devices.


Light-Adaptive Comfort

Adapting seamlessly to changing light conditions, EyeQLenz features photochromic lenses that transition from virtually clear indoors to a stylish tinted shade outdoors. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, these lenses provide all-encompassing protection, blocking 100% of UVA and UVB rays.

Choose Your Color

Express yourself with an array of vivid tint options: red, pink, purple, green, brown, and gray. Each tint not only enhances your look but also offers the same high level of UV and infrared protection. From beach days to office hours, these lenses are designed to complement your favorite frames while safeguarding your eyes and skin.


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Experience the Future of Eyewear

Don’t let the sun’s rays and digital screens compromise your eye and skin health. Whether you’re tackling outdoor adventures or navigating a digital landscape, EyeQLenz is your all-in-one solution for staying comfortable, protected, and stylish throughout the day.

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Ivan Yong

Dr. Ivan Yong is an optometrist with over 12 years of experience in the optical industry. He earned his doctorate from the Southern California College of Optometry and has practiced in multiple settings, including private practice, community health, and ophthalmology. Dr. Yong aims to expand access to affordable eyewear and improve eye health worldwide.