Why Women Need at Least 4 Pairs of Glasses

  • BY Lainie Petersen

Most women don’t own just one pair of earrings or one purse. Instead, we usually own several of these items so that we can match them with what we are wearing. While glasses aren’t just a fashion statement, it’s wise to have more than one pair in case one is lost or breaks, it’s true that glasses have a huge impact on how you look. Owning several pair, at least four, allows you to gracefully switch out your glasses as you change both your clothes and your location.

Here are the four different types of glasses that every woman should have:

Daily Favorite

This is the pair of glasses that you wear and carry around with you all the time. When buying this pair, pay special attention to frame shape and color: Remember, you’ll be wearing these every day, so you probably want to go for a neutral color and a frame that perfectly matches your face shape and your hairstyle. It’s also important that your glasses match the formality of your workplace: Funky frames can rock creative spaces, but may cause issues in a conservative law office.

Statement Glasses

There are going to be days when your regular glasses just won’t do. These are the days for wearing statement glasses: Cool colors, shapes and patterns that boost your confidence and attract attention.

Tip: Can’t decide on a statement pair? Get the frames that go best with your favorite garment or outfit.

Prescription Sunglasses

Nothing kills a casual beach look faster than having to squint because you can’t read the tiki cocktail menu. Get yourself a big, gorgeous pair of prescription sunglasses so you can enjoy vacations and trips to the beach in style.

Rimless Neutrals

Rimless glasses, particularly those with neutral temples and earpieces (i.e. brown, black or brushed metallic) are an essential part of everyone’s eyeglass wardrobe for several reasons:

1. It’s always wise to have at least one extra pair of glasses handy, particularly at the office or even in the glove box of your car. Ideally, you want these spares to have a neutral appearance so they go with everything. Rimless glasses with neutral temples and earpieces go with just about any outfit, no matter what color or degree of formality.

2. A recent study on how people perceive wearers of glasses show that rimless glasses encourage positive stereotyping by others: People who wear rimless glasses were judged by study participants as being attractive and likeable, as well as intelligent, trustworthy and successful. This makes rimless glasses an excellent choice for business meetings, or any other endeavor where you need to make a very good impression on someone.

Tip: If you do choose rimless glasses with metallic temples/earpieces and you tend to switch up your jewelry from silver to gold and back again, get two pair of rimless glasses, one in goldtone, the other in silver. This way you’ll always have a pair of rimless glasses that match your look.


How many pairs of glasses do you own?