The Best Catches for Fishing Sunglasses

  • BY Kelsey

fishing glasses

The life of a fisherman involves countless hours spent scanning the water, waiting patiently for a flash of movement or a hint of activity. Catching the flicker of a 300-pound marlin below the surface or noticing the subtle differences in the river’s water color to determine the correct bait for pike requires the optimal use of an angler’s vision.

Whether it’s deep sea or a small pond, fishermen need the right sunglasses to reduce glare, accentuate colors, and improve overall visibility. The following glasses present unique qualities to enhance an angler’s ability to reel in success.

Sleek and Stylish

fishing sunglasses

Durable and flexible, these sporty glasses are light, thanks to their plastic frame. The silicone saddle nose bridge reduces slippage and provides added comfort for those long days out on the water.

The gray polarized tint is the ideal choice for preventing glare and offering protection from bright rays. It’s also the most highly recommended lens for preserving true colors when viewing objects, even if they’re 12 feet underwater.

Durable and Dependable

sunglasses for fishing

Sometimes the fish only bite in those hard-to-reach places. These lightweight and versatile frames can survive the toughest conditions and look just as stylish whether you’re carrying a briefcase or tacklebox.

To accentuate colors, especially greens, at the bottom of rivers or lakes, we recommend pairing these frames with polarized gray, impact-resistant lenses with a blue mirror tint. These lenses protect against UVA and UVB rays, possess unrivaled durability, and are compatible with most protective treatments.

Back to Basics

polarized fishing glasses

Go anywhere and catch anything with these wide frames. Great for saltwater, lake, or river fishing, these glasses come equipped with curved temples for added comfort.

Polycarbonate polarized brown lens with green mirror tint go splendidly with these frames and enhance overall contrasts. The impact-resistant polycarbonate material lenses provide peace of mind for rough-and-tumble anglers.

When it’s all said and done, the best pair of fishing sunglasses offer ample protection from harmful UV rays and maintain, if not improve, the ability to see beyond the surface of the water on sunny days. Because sunglasses serve as a must-have component to an angler’s toolbox, they’ve arguably become one of the most important pieces of modern fishing gear.

Do you plan on wearing sunglasses for fishing the next time you’re out on the water? Let us know in the comments below!