Frames Fit for a (Disney) Princess

  • BY Zenni Optical

Everyone wears glasses, even princesses! We were so excited to see Disney’s newest lead character, Mirabel, wearing round green frames in the movie Encanto. Mirabel is the first-ever Disney princess to wear glasses, and let us just say, she looks ah-mazing in them.

Disney movies are almost like a childhood rite of passage. But did you know that only a small number of lead characters wear what we consider to be one of the best accessories of all time – glasses – in Disney movies?

We decided to have some fun and revisit some of our most-loved Disney movies to see what other characters are part of the ‘four eyes club’. Read on to see who made the list.

Most-Loved Disney Characters in Glasses

Mirabel, Encanto

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Honey Lemon, Big Hero 6

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Carl Fredricksen, Up

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Edna Mode, The Incredibles

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Moppet Girl, Wreck-It Ralph

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Milo Thatch, Atlantis

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Doc, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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Meg Murry, A Wrinkle in Time

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Sadness, Inside Out

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What is your favorite Disney character of all time? Share in the comments below.