Zenni’s Big Surprise for the Tiny Chef

  • BY Zenni Optical

Here at Zenni, when we say we make “Eyewear for Everyone” we really mean it! Recently, we found out that one of our tiniest fans (and to be honest, we are pretty big fans of his as well) had a mishap and broke his glasses. 

“Bloh My Moogness, Tiny Chef can’t see!”

We couldn’t bear to see our favorite chef struggling  in the kitchen any longer, so we surprised Tiny Chef with three pairs of Zennis made specially for him. He was so excited, he spent the morning in his room trying on each pair in front of the mirror.

“Oh I wook blamazing.” 

We love him in our heart-shaped frames, but the cat-eyes and tortoiseshell look just as great on him too.  

Watch the adorable video of Cheffy unboxing his new Zennis. We do the same happy dance everytime a new pair of Zennis arrive in the mail!

Turns out we really do make Eyewear for Everyone – even Tiny Chefs!