Zenni’s Big Surprise for the Tiny Chef

Here at Zenni, when we say we make “Eyewear for Everyone” we really mean it! Recently, we found out that one of our tiniest fans (and to be honest, we are pretty big fans of his as well) had a mishap and broke his glasses.

“Bloh My Moogness, Tiny Chef can’t see!”

We couldn’t bear to see our favorite chef struggling  in the kitchen any longer, so we surprised Tiny Chef with three pairs of Zennis made specially for him. He was so excited, he spent the morning in his room trying on each pair in front of the mirror.

“Oh I wook blamazing.” 

Get Chef’s Look

We love him in our /p/prescription-heartshaped-eyeglass-frames/44210?skuId=4421018&source=shopping&locale=en-US&gclid=CjwKCAiA1aiMBhAUEiwACw25MRpMQpDYjDxTGz4owEFsUuacQqtjoNjgvM4pcPKMT5GEmJPTJq-cwxoCIkMQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds”>heart-shaped frames, but the /p/womens-acetate-cat-eye-eyeglass-frames/44462?skuId=4446221″>cat-eyes and /p/womens-acetate-square-eyeglass-frames/44485?skuId=4448525″>tortoiseshell look just as great on him too. Check out this  adorable video of Cheffy unboxing his new Zennis. We do the same happy dance every time a new pair arrives in the mail!


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Since then, Chef and his Zennis have been through a lot together. From walking the Pacific Crest Trail to graduating cooking school, there’s nothing he can’t do!

We even sent Chef this pair of /p/womens-tr-cat-eye-eyeglass-frames/81112?skuId=8111224″>glow in the dark glasses to help him find his way along the trail at night.


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So now that he’s accomplished all of this, what is our dear friend Tiny Chef up to? You guessed it – he’s doing anything and everything in his  Zenni sunglasses. Customize yours by adding a tint to your favorite frame, or keep scrolling to twin with Chef!

@thetinychefshow Cheffy has been wearing his Zenni’s non stop as we prep his show and the team has now been collectively called “Babe” for the past week. Soooo… FANKS A LOT @Zenni for making Chef feel so special and spoiling him. It’s safe to say the tiny tinted prescription sunglasses have made a big impression on him. #ZenniPartner #tinysunglasses #thetinychefshow #thereturnofbabe #babe #snailfashionShop Cheffy’s Zenni Prescription Sunglasses!#1 SKU 2019518 w. Dark Gray Tint#2 SKU 4420218 w. Red Fashion Tint#3 SKU 232930 w. Blue Fashion Tint#4 SKU 202 ♬ original sound – Thetinychefshow

Turns out we really do make Eyewear for Everyone – even Tiny Chefs!