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Premium Progressive Lenses

Upgrade today. Elevate your vision with digitally-tailored lenses starting at just $52.95 (compared to $400+).

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What Are Progressive Lenses?

Progressive lenses provide seamless, clear vision at all distances with one pair of glasses. They comfortably mimic the eye’s natural way of seeing, without the visible bifocal line.

Our advanced Premium Progressive lenses provide a customized, comfortable visual experience enhanced by cutting-edge technology.

All-Purpose Progressives

Choose from two digitally enhanced progressive lenses designed for clarity across all distances.

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Standard and Premium Progressives are available in:

Clear Lense Icon


Blokz Lense Icon


Sunglasses Icon


Photochromic/ Trainsitions Icon


Image of a frame and lens showing the different between standard and premium progressive lenses.

Premium Progressives

Lens pricing starts at $52.95

  • Up to 40% wider viewing areas
  • Maximum comfort and balanced fields of vision
  • Easier adaptation between zones
  • Fully customized German-engineered lenses
  • Scratch-Resistant
  • 100% UV protection
Image of a frame and lens showing the different between standard and premium progressive lenses.

Standard Progressives

Lens pricing starts at $37.95

  • Comfortable and balanced view
  • German-engineered lenses
  • Scratch-Resistant
  • 100% UV protection

How to Buy Progressives

Image of an icon of a ruler over a pair of glasses.

1. Pick a Frame

When it comes to progressives, fit is key. Knowing your pupillary distance(PD) and using Virtual Try-On is recommended.

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Choosing the Best Frames for Progressives

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Frame Tips

When selecting a frame for progressives, keep this in mind:

30mm lens height illustration.

Min. Lens Height

Frame width illustration.

Proper Width for Your Face

Image of a prescription with the letters ‘RX’ over it.

2. Enter Your Prescription

In addition to your sphere and cylinder values, a progressives prescription will include an ADD or NV value. This ADD or NV value will always include a (+) sign.

Lens illustration of segment height on progressive lens.
Segment Height Accuracy

Based on your prescription and frame selection, we will calculate the segment (SEG) height for you to ensure that your progressive lenses are accurate.

Workspace Progressives

Workspace Progressives are special-use progressives designed to supplement your all-purpose progressive glasses when doing prolonged, up-close work. Unlike all-purpose progressives, they do not have distance vision and are not for driving.

Workspace progressives are available in options:

Clear lens icon


Blokz blue-light-blocking lens icon


Image of two people wearing Zenni progressive glasses in front of a computer screen.

Near-Range Workspace Progressives

Lens pricing start at $37.95

Designed for greater comfort and visual clarity within 3 feet.

  • Prolonged reading
  • Using hand-held devices
  • Heavy computer use
  • Detail work
  • Sewing/crafting
  • Illustration of a TV.Illustration of a book.
 Image of 3 people sitting at an office desk watching a zoom call, wearing Zenni glasses..

Mid-Range Workspace Progressives

Lens pricing start at $37.95

Designed for greater comfort and visual clarity within 14 feet.

  • Heavy computer use
  • Office/meetings
  • Watching TV
  • Dining out
  • Moderate reading
  • Illustration of a person giving presentation.Illustration of a TV.Illustration of a book.


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30-Day Returns
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24/7 Customer Service


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How to Adapt to Progressive Lenses


What are premium progressive lenses?

Premium progressive lenses are high-quality multifocal eyeglass lenses designed to provide a comfortable and enhanced visual experience. They are often customized to individual needs and crafted with advanced technology to offer superior vision correction for presbyopia.

What sets premium progressive lenses apart from standard progressive lenses?

Premium progressive lenses offer better optical quality, wider fields of vision, and reduced peripheral distortion compared to standard progressive lenses. They are often tailored to the wearer's unique prescription and lifestyle, resulting in a more personalized and comfortable vision correction solution.

How do premium progressive lenses work?

Premium progressive lenses work similarly to standard progressive lenses by incorporating multiple prescription strengths into a single lens. However, premium lenses use advanced designs and manufacturing processes to minimize distortion and provide clearer vision across all distances.

What are the advantages of premium progressive lenses?

The advantages of premium progressive lenses include:

  • Up to a 40% wider viewing area
  • Wider intermediate and reading viewing areas provide maximum comfort
  • Sharper focus reduces eye strain
  • Reduced peripheral distortion
  • A fully customized German-engineered lens
  • Faster and easier adaptation between viewing areas
 Image of an optical professional standing behind an eye test machine, wearing Zenni glasses..

Optical Specialist

Still unsure which progressive lens is best for you? For a truly customized experience, let our optical specialist guide you through frame selection, lens options, and add-ons based on your individual needs.

Use our live chat 

or call (800)211-2105 to get started.

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