How To Order Tinted Glasses

It’s so easy to color your world with your Zennis whether you want to see everything through rose-colored glasses or blue, amber, green, grey, purple or yellow ones. Let’s have a fun look at the properties of each lens tint color, then get to how you can order your choice of Zenni tint so simply for just $4.95:


mary kate olsen with pink tint glasses

Photo Credit: Hollywood Holland

*Mary Kate Olsen wears her pink-tinted round glasses year after year!

*Pink tinting is great for low-light conditions to increase perception.

*Pink-tinted lenses contrast well against blue and green backgrounds, making them a good choice for activities like boating or golf.

*Light pink lenses may help people who work in harshly lit offices have more comfortable eyes while working.


Photo Credit: The Telegraph

*Recent studies in Japan have connected wearing blue-tinted glasses with weight loss. The theory is that the cool color makes you less hungry. Well, this may make sense as fast food restaurants have colored their eateries with warmer colors like orange, based on studies that these hues stimulate the appetite.

*Blue tint is a fashion eyewear favorite for Johnny Depp and, in a lighter intensity, — Bono.

*Except for blue mirror coatings, blue tints shouldn’t be used for outdoor or driving glasses since they may increase glare.


brad pitt brown glasses

Photo Credit: Filmlerim

*Mr. Photogenic, AKA Brad Pitt, loves an amber-tint and it loves him back.

*Amber is a good all purpose sunglasses tint as it blocks out blue light.

*Grey tint doesn’t distort color as amber does, but some people prefer the warmth amber tinting adds to how they see objects.

*Amber-tinted lenses are suitable for driving and activities such as fishing and boating.


amber lenses keri hilson

Photo Credit: Fashionhi

*Singer Keri Hilson caused a fashion stir (in a good way) by going green in glasses.

*Green is good for low light conditions to help visual sharpness.

*Baseball, golf and fishing are some sports in which green-tinted lenses are popularly used.


Photo Credit: Fashion Allure

*Yellow-tinted glasses may be used indoors or outdoors to help increase visual sharpness and contrast.

*Computer gaming, basketball, tennis/racquetball and skiing are some popular activities for yellow-tinted lenses.

*People who spend a lot of time looking at computer screens may find reduced or prevented eyestrain from wearing yellow lenses.


Photo Credit: Jamie Reina, AFP, Getty, WLFX

*Purple is just one of the many eyeglasses tints Elton John wears. Typically, he matches his clothing and even a piano or other stage items to his lens color.

*Purple balances color perception and is good for contrast against green backgrounds such as hiking in forests.

*Unlike blue-tinted lenses, which can cause more glare, purple tinting on glasses does provide some shading from the sun’s rays.


Photo Credit: The Seaside Style

*As actor Ewen McGregor shows in the photo above, grey lenses can be worn attractively with gold-toned frames as well as silver metal, black or colored frame options.

*Grey lenses allow for the truest color visibility and grey is the most recommended tint color for general purpose use.

*An 80% grey tint is recommended for the best sun-blocking, anti-glare protection on bright, sunny days. Here’s info on what the 10%, 50% and 80% intensities of available tint colors mean as well as how to order your choice of tinting on your prescription glasses for just $4.95:

Tint Intensity

*80% is a dark intensity of color used for sunglasses.

*80% amber tint is suitable for overcast and sunny days and changes true color to a richer, warmer view.

*80% grey tint is the most recommended color and intensity for sunglasses used in bright light conditions and to preserve true color when viewing objects.

*50% color tinting gives a medium intensity that can be used for outdoor or indoor use. People who are moving between the outdoors and indoors — such as servers for an outside patio who go back and forth from the patio to the kitchen — often prefer a 50% tint.

*10% tinting is purely cosmetic and is light in intensity. A 10% tint color will be noticed more by people looking at your glasses than you seeing objects in the tint color. This is a popular choice for fashion outfits or costumes.

How To Order Tinting:

1. Once you’ve chosen your color and intensity, you’re ready to add it on to your prescription frame order after filling in your prescription details. Just follow the easy Zenni ordering system when you select your frame from the online catalog.

2. Most Zenni prescription frames can be ordered with tinted lenses an bifocal and progressive prescriptions as well as single vision ones can be used with tints.

3. Don’t forget to check your prescription information for accuracy as well as the tinting add on details. After you’ve added your new prescription tinted glasses to the shopping cart and made your payment details, you’re done!  Now just wait for your cool shades to arrive!