How Zenni Optical’s Chic Line of Specs Inspired 3 Holiday-Ready Gift Guides

The holidays are here, and over here at Brit + Co, we’re furiously curating, making and cooking our hearts out in preparation for our favorite time of year. The journey to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list is a huge part of that! That’s why we were thrilled to team up with Zenni to serve up a trio of trendy gift guides inspired by some of their most stylish frames.


Glasses play a unique role when it comes to trends. Most “new” styles become old and then new again every few years. The classic cat-eye has been around since the ‘50s, but as you can see in Zenni’s cat-eye collection, it also manages to reinvent itself as time goes on. On the hipster front, the classic square style will literally never go away. We’re not mad about it — this style of glasses has the power to make pretty much anyone look like a creative genius ;). And after my own heart is the return of the ‘90s. We never thought it would happen, but it’s here and Zenni’s got the translucent bubble gum frames that go along with it.

Scroll on to check out 3 holiday-ready gift guides inspired by Zenni’s collection of chic eyewear.


For our first picture purrfect gift guide, we’ve curated a collection of kittentastic gifts for cat lovers, owners and self-proclaimed crazy cat ladies. You know who you are.


Zenni’s cat-eye game is strong, so it was a no-brainer to find a way to feature some of their most feline-inspired frames.


Starting at the top we’ve got Cat-Eye Sunglasses ($35.95) that instantly bring retro babes to mind. We love the ultra-cool vibe these shades evoke. Next, we’re swooning over these two-tone tortoiseshell Cat-Eye Eyeglasses ($12.95). We opted for the translucent lavender option, complete with playful black polka dots at the top and black temple arms to ground the look. And on the bottom of this stylin’ stack is another pair Cat-Eye Frames ($35.95), with regular lenses rather than sunny ones.

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THE ‘90s KID

If I told you this was the first time I’ve written a ‘90s-themed gift guide, I would be lying to you. Gifts that have to do with the ‘90s happen to be my specialty — in fact, I’m gazing lovingly at a lava lamp I gifted myself just last week. I know all the words to both Clueless *and* Reality Bites. I even created a custom hashtag that pertains to all things ‘90s. That’s how deep my ‘90s love flows. So the moment I saw Zenni’s fresh line of pastel frames and mirrored shades, I knew that this year’s Brit + Co ’90s gift guide had to be born.


If you were a tween or teen in the ‘90s, we’re betting you or your best friend had a pair of these translucent candy-colored frames.


We’ll start at the top with a pair of Round Half Rim Acetate Frames ($24), boasting a bold browline and girly pink vibes. And because pink frames aren’t enough, opt for pink lenses with this pair and you will see the world through a technicolor version of rose-colored sunnies. Smack dab in the middle we’ve got the pair of glasses that every single person who wore glasses in the ‘90s owned. These Acetate Full Rim Frame ($19) glasses are available in pink and purple, because no other colors would make sense. And if you’re going for more of a cool-girl vibe, these yellow Round Acetate Frames ($24) feature a keyhole bridge for comfort and style.

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Got someone on your list who loves snapping photos every chance they get? Perhaps they’re all about old school film, just purchased their first DSLR or swear by their very special VSCO filter recipe — no matter what, they’ve got a thing for capturing images. Lucky for you, we’ve whipped up a gift guide that’s all about giving the shutterbugs in your life goodies that celebrate their favorite hobby, from selfie sticks (yep) to a gorgeous book of Polaroids.


The Zenni glasses that inspired this tech-forward gift guide are all about classic lines, dark tones and a hipster vibe.


Let’s take it from the top. Still bummed your dad never built you that treehouse when you were little? Now you can — bear with — wear a treehouse on your face! These Faux Wood Frames ($30) feature that classic square shape and are available as glasses or sunnies. They’ll most definitely *spruce* up your look. Next, we’ve got a pair of Browline Eyeglasses ($30) that are all about the two-tone retro aesthetic. Below that we’ve got a Two-Tone Acetate Pair With Spring Hinges($26). So fly! And we’ll finish this one off with the coolest shades we’ve seen. Dubbed 1878, these Acetate Full-Rim Frames ($28) are picture-perfect for a pair of chic sunglasses.

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Happy holiday shopping season! 🙂