Most Popular Glasses In 2015 By Region!

top glasses of 2015 by region
It’s a big world out there, but when it comes to great taste in eyewear, it’s apparently a small world after all! We’re taking a look at the top-selling Zenni frames from all across the globe to give you an idea of what’s stylish and trending worldwide. From those fashionable Parisians to the Land Down Under, let’s do some sightseeing, shall we?

The U.S.

best glasses in the midwest

Our Zenni fans in Ohio and Missouri love the look of retro square frames. Their particular frame of choice features a browline style with a cool metal bottom.

best glasses in the south
Texans and Georgians both adore these retro square frames. In fact, these particular frames are also tops in Midwestern states like Illinois and Wisconsin. It’s easy to see why, too. They’re versatile, classic and unisex.

best glasses in north carolina

North Carolina also overwhelmingly favors square glasses. Their favorite frame features an oversized silhouette with a rustic woodgrain finish.

best glasses in the west

The Grand Canyon state has a grand sense of style. Arizona loves these horn-rimmed tortoiseshell frames. The translucent finish adds to this frame’s appeal, and there’s something so earthy about it that we can’t help but daydream of western travels to that scenic world wonder.

best glasses in utah

Utah has upgraded their basic black spectacles with these horn-rimmed two-tone square glasses. The classic black front and unisex silhouette are given a boost thanks to the inner pop of aqua blue. A nod to the Great Salt Lake, perhaps?

best glasses in new york
Northeasterners from Massachusetts and New York both love our unisex black square frames. These glasses are so popular that they’re the frame of choice in California, as well. When a frame works from coast to coast, that’s how you know it’s a classic.

popular glasses in pennsylvania

Pennsylvania also enjoys the look of full-rimmed black frames, but their silhouette of choice features a retro cat-eye. And it’s only fitting that the Keystone State favors the look of a keyhole bridge.


most popular glasses canada

There’s nothing subtle about Manitoba’s favorite purple glasses. These colorful frames are surprisingly versatile and have an ombre finish that’s playful, vibrant and fun.

best glasses in quebec

Our customers in Quebec prefer the look of these rectangular titanium frames. The combination of a silver front and black arms adds dimension to this sleek style, eh?

popular canadian eyeglasses

British Columbia also enjoys the look of titanium, as evidenced by their favorite half-rim glasses. We love that these frames have a slight flat top silhouette that gives them some modern edge.


most popular glasses in australia
Queensland is a fan of these faux wood, full-rimmed round glasses that feature either a streaked blond finish or a grey-green tone that looks eerily similar to vegemite… yum!


most popular glasses in china

Our tasteful customers in Beijing prefer these red and tortoise shell rectangular eyeglasses that are the super versatile and stylish in any situation.


most popular glasses in france

The Parisians in Champagne, France, have chosen these black rectangular frames as their preferred eyewear must-have. Unisex and full-rimmed, this flattering style is most definitely tres chic.


most popular eyeglasses in russia
Our Russian customers in Moscow are also fans of basic black. These rectangular full-rim glasses are their top choice, and for good reason. The masculine frame with adjustable nose pads is perfectly refined and works with anything and everything in your closet.

We are so honored to have a strong customer base around the world, and we think you’re all making some impressive eyewear selections! Give us a shout-out to let us know where you’re from and which frames are your personal favorites.