Taurus Season: Your Eyewear Horoscope

Taurus Traits: Loyal, Patient, Hardworking, Practical

Sign: Earth

Power Color: Green

Symbol: Bull

Happy Birthday Taurus! As an earth sign and the zodiac anchor, you are infamous for your practicality, determination, loyalty, and stubbornness. Just like a bull, you only have two speeds – relaxed and calm or amped-up and ready to charge. When you’re content and flowing along with life, you can often be found listening to music, creating art, or soaking up nature. But once in motion, the rest of the world better watch out because there’s no stopping you!

While a Taurus can get stuck in the comfort of their routine, this doesn’t mean you wear the same outfit everyday.  A fan of form and function, you prefer to wear comfortable clothing accented by oversized accessories that could double as art.

How To Wear Taurus Power Color

The earthy color of green is Taurus’ power color. It helps keep you grounded while also filling you with energy. Since accessories are where you like to make a statement, try wearing a bold pair of green glasses to help balance your mind and body while in “go-mode.”  Start shopping our Taurus glasses now.

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