Reflect your Personal Style with Mirror Sunglasses

Looking to elevate your outdoor eyewear? No matter what frame shape you choose, you can add a mirrored coating to reflect your personal sense of style. Mirrored sunglasses are trend-spotted everywhere from fashion shows, Instagram stories to Vogue spreads. Mirrored tint isn’t simply a fashion statement – it’s also an effective method of blocking out UV rays and shielding your eyes from damage.

What Are Mirrored Sunglasses?

Mirrored sunglasses use a mirror finish coating, making the lenses highly reflective. This lens enhancement greatly decreases the amount of light passing through. Mirrored frames also reflect a great deal of light, allowing for better vision in conditions of:

  • Water
  • Snow
  • Sand
  • High Altitudes

How do I order a Mirror Tint?

When ordering your lenses, Step 1, you will need to choose a tinted or polarized lens and mirror color. Zenni offers several base tints compatible with mirror coatings and all of our polarized lenses can have a mirror finish!

Step 2, you select a Standard (solid) or Gradient lens tint, you will find these under, “mirrored tint.” Step 3 is fun, here you choose your mirror color. Don’t worry, all our mirror coatings come complete with an oil and fingerprint anti-reflective coating for maximum light reflection and no smugging.

What Colors Work with a Mirror Tint?

Mirror tints can be used with almost any Zenni frame – this is your time to shine when choosing a frame to compliment your mirror color. A popular combination is a Gray 80% Standard Tint or Polarized Gray lens with a Silver mirror finish. We also love to see when our Zennista’s go bold, colorful, and fresh! Do keep in mind, the color of the mirror coating will be slightly influenced by the base color of the polarized or tinted lens.

Shapes and Mirrors

Cat-eyes, hearts, lips, round, big and small, are all fun shapes to add a mirrored tint to for the perfect statement-making face.

round mirror tint glasses

Small round frames have made a “throwback” comeback in the fashion world. These gold and red frames are perfect with a silver mirror finish, giving you that 90’s look seen all over the runway.

cat eye mirror tint glasses

Cat-eye sunglasses are a must for anyone looking to make a statement with their glasses. These modernized cat-eyes in pink are perfect for an amber or grey tint. Add a rose gold mirror finish and you have the perfect fashion-forward accessory.

square mirrored sunglasses

Like the resurgence of the round frame, full-rim square eyeglasses made a fashion revival in the last few years. These no-nonsense square frames would be extra “rad” paired with a green mirror for a twist on a classic look, or a red mirror for a 90’s Terminator vibe.

mirrored aviator glasses

One of our favorite shapes with mirrored lenses is the classic aviator. These popular frames provide even better overall protection from the sun than other frame choices. These guys are so versatile they work with any mirror-tint combo – but we’re partial to the green (shown above).

Can Mirrored Sunglasses Be Prescription?

Absolutely! Any mirrored sunglass can have a prescription added to the lenses at Zenni. The mirror coating does not prevent you from sporting eyewear that still allows you to read or see as you would with traditional prescription sunglasses. Have your prescription information ready and simply enter it in during the checkout process.

Can’t decide on the right mirrored look to reflect your style? You can order multiple mirrored sunnies without breaking the bank to accessorize with any look you are rockin’ that day. Let us know below in the comments or tag us on your socials what mirrored sunglasses you are wearing!