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Woman holding her written prescription in front of her laptop’s camera.

Prescription Scan

Take a photo of your prescription, and we take care of the rest

Fill in your prescription in 3 easy steps

We are here to help you decipher your doctor’s handwriting.


Take a photo or upload your prescription

Make sure the prescription is clearly visible and the photo is not blurry.

Woman scanning her written prescription with her phone.

Validating your prescription

Make sure to check if the information matches your prescription.

Woman checking her prescription to make sure the information matches.

Save to your account

Easily access the prescription up to 2 years after saving it to your account.

Woman saving her prescription information to her account.

The easiest way to get your glasses

Find your frame

Scan your prescription

Customize lenses

Frequently asked questions

Is my prescription upload secure and private?

Yes! Your personal information and prescription privacy are important to us. Photos, persona information, and prescriptions uploaded on our website are only used for secure order purposes. For more information, read our privacy policy.

What types of prescriptions are accepted?

We accept any standard eyeglass prescription with English column headers. However, the scan cannot capture prism values. You enter this manually if needed.

How accurate is the prescription scan, and what do I do if the scan is incorrect?

The prescription scan is highly accurate, but we will ask you to check if the information matches your prescription. If you see a mistake, you can easily edit the value. We will prompt you to check your prescription if anything seems incorrect.

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