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Blue Light Glasses

Customize your Blokz® blue light blocking glasses with lenses starting at just $16.95, and experience exceptional eye protection tailored to you.

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High-quality transparent frames with blue light lenses.

In today's digital world, screens, artificial light, and the sun are unavoidable. But you can defend your eyes against excessive blue light exposure with Blokz® lenses. As essential as sunscreen is for your skin, Blokz® lenses protect your eyes and promote better sleep, empowering you to see, work, feel, and look your best.

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Add Blokz® lenses starting at $16.95 to any frame for a personalized touch.


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Experience Cutting-Edge Features with Blokz® Lenses

Blokz blue light lenses range from clear to yellow to dark tinted.

Filters out Blue Light

100%UV Protection

Scratch Resistant

Anti-Reflective Coating

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Thrive with Blokz®

Designed for modern life, Blokz® lenses protect your eyes while you work, scroll, create, or play.

A woman is using her Blokz blue light glasses to look at her phone while on the beach.

Digital Screens & Devices

George Kittle is using his Blokz blue light sunglasses on the football field to protect his eyes from the strong LED lights.

LED & Fluorescent Lighting


Sun & UV Light Sources

Thrive with Blokz®

Designed for modern life, Blokz® lenses protect your eyes while you work, scroll, create, or play.

A woman is using her Blokz blue light glasses to look at her phone while on the beach.
George Kittle is using his Blokz blue light sunglasses on the football field to protect his eyes from the strong LED lights.A young man is wearing his clear Blokz blue light glasses while hiking in the sun.

LED & Fluorescent Lighting

Digital Screens & Devices

Sun & UV Light Sources

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Blue Light Explained

Blue light, or HEV light, is a color in the visible light spectrum that the human eye can see. As a short wavelength, it produces higher amounts of energy. The eyes cannot effectively filter blue light as opposed to other types of light, so it may pass through the eye to the retina.

Blokz® lenses are crafted with an advanced blue light blocking polymer that filters blue light, ensuring all day protection.

The ray of blue light passes through the eye to the retina as opposed to UV A and UV B light.

“I have to admit that I was extremely skeptical. I spend many hours a day in front of monitors and under fluorescent light. I purchased one pair of non-prescription Blokz®. I immediately noticed my eyes feeling less tired and strained. I was so impressed, I ordered a second pair.”

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Blokz® FAQ

What are blue light glasses?

Blue light glasses (also known as blue light blocker glasses, blue blocker glasses, blue light filtering glasses, or blue screen glasses) are eyewear designed to reduce the amount of high-energy visible (HEV) blue light that enters the eyes. So how exactly does this technology work? Blue light blocking lenses are made specific blue light blocking monomers that are embedded or baked into the actual lens that filter out or block a portion of the blue light spectrum The specific range of blue light blockage will depend on the Blokz lens type. Our Blokz standard lens filters up to 420 nm, while our Blokz Plus lens filters up to 450nm. This filtration process reduces the intensity of blue light that reaches the eyes without affecting your visual clarity, allowing you to go about your day-to-day with peace of mind..

Why do I need blue light glasses?

Blue light, which is a high-energy visible (HEV) light with wavelengths between 380 and 500 nanometers, is emitted by various sources, including digital screens, LED lights, and the sun. While blue light is essential for regulating our circadian rhythm and boosting alertness during the day, excessive exposure, especially in the evening, can have several harmful effects on our health.

  • Disruption of Sleep Patterns: Blue light exposure, particularly from screens like smartphones, tablets, and computers, can interfere with our sleep-wake cycle. The blue light inhibits the production of melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate sleep. When exposed to blue light in the evening, it can trick our bodies into thinking it's daytime, making it harder to fall asleep and leading to disrupted sleep patterns.
  • Eye Strain, Fatigue, and Discomfort: Prolonged exposure to digital screens may cause digital eye strain, often referred to as computer vision syndrome. Symptoms include dry eyes, blurry vision, eye discomfort, and fatigue.
  • Headaches and Migraines: Some individuals are more susceptible to headaches and migraines triggered by blue light. The flicker and intensity of blue light from screens and certain artificial lighting can lead to discomfort and headaches.

Blokz® blue light filter glasses may help reduce strain on the eyes and alleviate digital eye discomfort to enhance screen protection. Glasses from Zenni don’t just protect your eyes — they help you do it in style. Find the perfect pair today!

Can I wear Blokz® all day?

Yes, Blokz® can be worn all day for maximum blue light protection. We offer a variety of lenses to cater to your specific activities, so whether you’re outside in the sun or hard at work at your desk, there’s a Blokz® for that.

Can I order Blokz® with my progressives or multifocal prescription?

All Blokz® lenses are available for your progressive prescription. The original Blokz lens is now available for bifocals.Order your blue light prescription glasses today!

Are Blokz® and computer glasses the same?

Yes and no. Blokz® are blue-light blocking lenses that are designed for all-day wear and protection from blue light. Whether you're a heavy computer user or not, our clear Blokz® can be worn like regular glasses to protect your eyes from harmful blue light emitted from any digital device, as well as artificial fluorescent and LED light exposure.
If you’re an avid e-book reader, our Blokz® Plus Anti-Fatigue lens may help reduce eye strain while reading. In addition, our yellow Blokz® Plus and Blokz® Plus Anti-Fatigue lens provide extra protection and symptom relief from heavy screen use, so they are great options for computer work or gaming.

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