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Gamer guy with short brown hair wearing bridgeless rectangle glasses #7818116 with teal metallic rims, gaming headset, and black Henley shirt.


Help prevent digital eyestrain and boost performance with virtually clear Blokz blue blockers for gaming.


Gamer gal with shoulder-length light blonde hair wearing blue metal browline glasses #3210916 and yellow ringer tee and red heart-shaped earrings holds a game controller.


Lightweight glasses for gamers with virtually no color distortion.

Floating pair of bridgeless rectangle glasses #7818116 with teal metallic rims.


Helps prevent eyestrain and dry/irritated eyes by blocking harmful UV and blue light.

How to Order Blokz
Prescription Gaming Glasses

Select a frame.

Add Blokz during the order process
(Step 2: Your Lenses).

Proceed to checkout.

DogDog (David Caero) wearing black browline glasses #195421 and Becca (Rebecca Cho) wearing square clear frame features a thin tortoiseshell detail around the lenses #7818725 with their Golden Guardians x Zenni jerseys.

Golden Guardians x Zenni

Zenni is the official eyewear partner of the Golden Guardians (GG), the League of Legends esports affiliate of the Golden State Warriors.

League of Legends esports games are broadcast live to millions of fans in 18 different languages across the globe. Tune in to LoL Esports to keep up with the Golden Guardians as they battle it out for victory in their favorite Blokz gaming glasses. Get inspired by each member’s personal style and customize your own pair!

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Blokz by Zenni

Protect your eyes from harmful UV and blue light indoors and out with our entire suite of Blokz lenses, including Blokz Photochromic and Blokz Sunglasses.

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