Emerald Green for 2013: Pantone’s Color of the Year

Move over, 2012 and Tangerine Tango 17-1463, The Color of the Year for 2013, as chosen by The Pantone Color Institute, is Emerald Green 17-5641. Emerald is vibrant, elegant, cool and clear just like its namesake gemstone. Symbolizing wealth, growth and renewal, Emerald Green is the perfect hue to start off the New Year right and see us into a fresh, hopeful, spring 2013.

Adding Sparkle To Your Home

In her January 9, 2013, Washington Post article, Home and Garden columnist, Lindsey Roberts, suggests 11 new ideas for revitalizing our homes with a fresh shot of Emerald Green. If you’re not ready to go for a big green sofa, velvety or not, simply give new life to your old rooms with accessories such as Emerald cookware, placemats, plants, pillows, patterned rugs and the like. Roberts even includes wallpaper with the repeating pattern of small fern leaf clusters which would make for a great feature wall to renew almost any space. (This look is much subtler than the over the top, large, fern-covered wall in Blanche Devereaux’ boudoir in the 80s/90s hit sit-com, The Golden Girls.)

According to this year’s decor trends, we shouldn’t be afraid to mix Emerald with other greens, blues and even yellows. Lively prints with these colors are trending in all sorts of fabrics and dishware. Using a combination of colors may help you ease into Emerald if you’re not already on board all the way. Maria Killiam mentions in her “Colour Me Happy” blog on Decenber 6, 2012, that while she was expecting Pantone’s pick for 2013 to be something more along the lines of a soft Cornflower Blue, she’s happy with the luxurious and exhilarating vibes of Emerald Green. Killiam notes that Pantone Colour Institute exec director, Leatrice Eiseman, calls Emerald a symbol of life and re-growth which is appropriate for that hopeful boost our economy needs right now. The color of money combined with a fresh start can only be a good thing.

The Wearing Of The Green

Tracy Reese, in her “Pantene Fashion Color Report Spring 2013? post, mentions mixing other cool greens such as Mint and Beach Glass with Emerald. Reese emphasizes that the key look for spring and summer 2013 is a “totally relaxed feeling” and what better way to accomplish this than with easygoing separates in soft whites and cool greens?

But, luxurious Emerald Green can also be dressed up for weddings. Leila Khalil’s ideas in the Dec.6, 2012 edition of the Huffington Post mention stunning reception floral arrangements that focus on green leaves and include white, rather than more colorful, flowers. As Khalil notes, the ideal setting for the ceremony can be a lush, green, park. She also suggests Emerald gowns, candle holders and even wedding invites with a tree motif.
Over at Pop Sugar’s Casa Sugar blog, Angela Swinderman Elia’s January 9, 2013 piece calls Emerald “one of Mother Nature’s neutrals.” This is true as Emerald Green can pair up smashingly with any neutral, including black and white, as well as many other colors.
Wearing Emerald Green eyeglass frames is the ideal way to freshen up your look and get your entire wardrobe right on trend. Here are our picks for the trendiest Emerald eyewear looks for 2013:

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