“Frame Friday” Roundup: Don’t Be an April Fool

You’re just days away from what can be a fun holiday. Here are a few of the most popular April Fool’s Day pranks people play. We don’t want anybody in Zenni glasses failing to see these jokes coming.

The best April Fool’s Day pranks in history have come from television stations and other media outlets. They succeeded in convincing the public of ridiculous things like the existence of Swiss Spaghetti trees or that Taco Bell purchased the Liberty Bell. Some people suggest much more malicious pranks, but the best April Fool’s Day jokes to play just trick a person into believing something that is obviously silly.

Shrink wrap the office – This one has been done countless times, and wrapping paper or aluminum foil works just as well. Benign prankers wrap everything in an office, from the chair to the computer mouse to the pens in the desk, with shrink wrap so that working is still possible, just aggravating.

Unpaid tickets and bills – There are a number of variations on this one, from printing up a fake parking ticket that they put on your car’s windshield to using similar tools to convince you that you have unpaid bills. That feeling of panic that you’re overdue and going to owe late fees is never fun.

Everything’s gone – All a person has to do to make you think you’ve lost all your important computer files is move them to an obscure directory, make them un-discoverable by the operating systems’ search, and delete recent file data. If you sit down to a computer that seems like it’s been wiped clean of your memories, you may have been a victim of this one.

I’m blind – Popularized by the comedy show The Simpsons, this simple prank involves taping a person’s eye shut while they sleep so when they wake up in the morning they can’t see. It’s doubtful you’ll actually think you’ve gone blind, but if you usually spring out of bet at the sound of your alarm, you’ll certainly be surprised.

You’re late – Changing all the clocks in a home or office to be two hours fast so you feel late is easy. The hard part is they have to get to your watch and smart phone. Once they manage that and your alarm goes off early, you’ll be sure you’re late.

I’m (going) blind(er) – In homes where two people use different prescription contacts, the person with the weaker prescription can swap their contacts in for the other’s. When the person worse vision fumbles their contacts in in the morning, they feel like their vision has gotten dramatically worse over night. If this happens to you, be sure you don’t try to drive before sorting it out!

April Fool’s Day jokes look a lot better after the fact when you can laugh at your own behavior. But if you’re seeing clearly with your Zenni glasses, maybe you can avoid being the fool this year.