“Frame Friday” Roundup: Easter-Spring-Stravaganza

Happy Good (Frame) Friday. It’s only two days until Easter Sunday. That could mean chocolate bunnies and peeps, an Easter egg hunt, glazed ham and a nice family meal, and even new spring fashions. Zenni Optical’s spring glasses line has got you covered.

And even if your are in the sad party of the country mourning a spring already come and gone, the right glasses can help put you in a state of mind that is as springy as ever, just in time for a big family holiday.

Many of the iconic items and activities we enjoy each Easter are actually symbols of spring, a time of re-awakening, new life, and poetically, rebirth.

Eggs are obviously the font of new life for many species, and bunnies are prolific reproducers whose plentiful progeny first appear around this time of year.

This synchronizes perfectly with the Christian holiday that commemorates the return of Jesus Christ. Depicted as a literalĀ a resurrection from the grave, Christ’s return three days after his crucifixion by the Romans emphasizes the same seasonal motifs of rebirth and renewal.

So whether you spend Easter celebrating and having fun with family, preparing for your own fashion rebirth with a new pair of glasses, or in a more religious way, reflecting on your sins, or some combination of them, don’t lose sight of the message and the metaphor.

Some people treat Easter as an occasion to give gifts as well, although this is primarily reserved for the little ones in the form of small prizes and chocolates hidden in plastic eggs. If you want to give another adult a gift, new glasses are the perfect season-appropriate option.

The easiest way to identify spring glasses for Easter, for yourself or a gift, is by their colors. Lighter shades are a dead giveaway, as are more natural, vibrant, lively colors that suggest life and flower in bloom.

Easter means many things to people. It’s a family holiday, a religious occasion that also marks the conclusion of the Lenten season, and a chance for fun, games, and symbols of spring. No matter what you do this Sunday, with some spring frames from Zenni, you can look your seasonal best.