“Frame Friday” Roundup: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

The best Mother’s Day gifts show thoughtfulness. And it’s never too late to figure out a thoughtful gift. The essence of thoughtfulness starts with asking yourself what your mom likes. Think about her preferences and her style. Glasses are a great option, as long as you start by looking at all the women’s frames and identifying the ones that match her tastes best. Glasses from Zenni are an even better gift option when you pair them with a free, custimizable electronic gift card.

It can be difficult to actually figure out your mom’s tastes, especially in glasses. If you understand a few basic aspects of glasses styles you can narrow down your options to come very close to something she loves even if you aren’t a fashion expert.

The two easiest features of glasses to identify are color and overall style. Look at the glasses on this page. Each is a different color, representing some of the many colors available. Think about what your mom wears when she’s in the best mood and when she is going to do something she enjoys. Also think about when you think she looks the best. Analyzing these outfits can give you some ideas about a color or color palette that she prefers.

For overall style, you have to ask yourself the same questions about the outfits she likes best, but then evaluate the outfit as a whole. How would you describe it? For example, you might say sun and playful, sleek and stylish, trendy and urban, flowy and chic, or timeless and classic? Use these adjectives and look for glasses that also evoke those descriptors.

Another great strategy when buying clothing and accessories as gifts for mom is to look through family pictures to identify her style instead of just relying on your memory. Just be sure to stick to recent years. You don’t want to draw inspiration from mom’s big-hair phase in the 90s. Take a few photos where you can tell your mom thinks she looks great and use those to go through the two¬†previous steps. Once you’ve narrowed down your glasses options, compare them to the photos again and try to imagine which would look best on your mom in each.

Shopping for Mother’s Day gifts doesn’t have to be difficult if you actually take your time to think about your mom and what she likes. Although it’s true that “it’s the thought that counts,” mom will be even happier if you actually give her something she likes, such as a pair of perfect glasses.