“Frame Friday” Roundup: St. Patty’s Looks Good

St. Patrick’s Day started as a small holiday in Ireland back in the 1700s. It’s become something much more than that. “Everybody’s Irish on St. Patty’s” as the saying goes. If you don’t want to look out of place, consider a great set of green glasses from Zenni.

Irish immigrants brought St. Patrick’s Day to the United States. By the early 19th Century, it had grown into an important expression of community pride for Irish Americans, centered on the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Nearly 200 years later, those immigrants would hardly recognize it.

In fact, St. Patrick’s day is a much bigger, sillier, more widely accepted day of festivities in the United States than it is back in Ireland. However, most of the indicative foods and symbols of the hobby have been the same for hundreds of years.

Two of the most iconic symbols of the holiday that have stood the test of time are wearing green – like a stylish pair of thin-rimmed glasses – and pinching people who don’t wear green.

Many think that the color green actually supplanted blue as the representation of St. Patrick’s Day around the time the holiday migrated to the United States, perhaps to embrace one of the dominant colors on the Irish flag. It might have to do with the tradition of dying the Chicago river green for the day, which also began around that time for seemingly unknown reasons.

More interestingly, the practice of pinching those who don’t wear green possibly has much older roots. Supposedly, Leprechauns like to pinch people, but wearing green makes you invisible to them. So people began pinching on St. Patty’s to remind others about how to avoid these mythological creatures and perhaps also to have a bit of fun mimicking them.

Whatever St. Patrick’s Day means to you, whether it’s a day to think about your heritage, an opportunity for green EVERYTHING, or a chance to cut loose and have fun, you’ll be happier doing it with the right glasses. Strap on a pair of green lenses from Zenni and wonder how St. Patty’s Day looks so good.