“Frame Friday” Roundup: Wardrobe Updates

The better the weather, the less appealing Spring cleaning becomes. But one of the changes you won’t want to miss is updating your wardrobe. Coats, jackets, and warm pants get into the closet and all those skirts and shorts and sandals come out. As people get ready to shed their extra garments, it’s a great time for you to pick the perfect glasses for the season. Updating the most consistent piece of your wardrobe has never been easier than with these awesome new frames.


The thing about summer is that people are always ready for it before it comes. That means you’re testing your tank tops, trying out those floral tees and dresses, and doing everything you can to think like it’s already warm enough to soak up some sun. And when people doff their coats and pants, they may need a bit more fashion on their faces, just to balance things out. If color is your style, or you really want to add a bit of consistent structure, the right frames can make your glasses perfect for this task.

And don’t forget that Spring and Summer are a time for rebirth and renovation, so it’s the perfect occasion to update your eye wear right as May gets going. If you’re sticking with dark frames, a bit of extra design or color might be in order, or at least some dynamic frames that energize your face. And if not, you can always opt for minimalist frames that emphasize the natural beauty of your eyes.


No matter what new frames strike your fancy you can’t deny that a new pair of glasses can change anything. And while Spring cleaning isn’t the kind of revitalization that excites you, maybe a new fashion statement is.