Glasses And 2012 Video Games For Holiday Gamers

Ah, those winter vacation days that stretch between the main holidays like so much extended time just to stay in pjs and play video games. Why spend hours outside on a snowy, freezing day, when you can be inside curled up with a hot chocolate and your favorite games? This is all well and good, but gaming marathons can cause eye strain which may not only¬† lead to headaches and red, irritated eyes, but also make your gaming skills less sharp on top of it. Computer glasses, suitable for anyone who spends long hours working or playing online, can be a holiday gamer’s best friend. Here are some features to look for when shopping for computer glasses as well as a list of this year’s top video games:

Large Lenses

Big lenses are a crucial feature of computer glasses for gamers because they will help enhance peripheral vision. After all, good gaming takes being able to see the entire screen quickly and not just the center. Larger lenses are also likely to make yellow tinted computer glasses easier to get used to and the line between a normally colored world and an amber one less shocking.

Mellow Yellow

Amber tinted computer glasses are popular for their anti-glare properties. Less glare on the screen is going to give you maximum vision control when attacking space creatures or other threats in the gaming universe. Most gamers find the initial “weirdness” of everything looking a little yellowed worth the benefits of having pain-free eyes after hours at the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or Wii.¬† Also, for many people, blue and green light can be harder on the eyes than other colors. These hues are popularly featured in a lot of video games, so having yellow tinted lenses can tone down their effects. while still allowing the eye to see a sharp color contrast for effective game play.

Light And Right

It’s easy to do right by your eyes to protect them from ultra violet (UV) rays emitted from the screen. Computer glasses should have a UV protective coating on the lenses. Polycarbonate lens material and a lightweight, comfortable fit are other key features to check for when shopping for computer glasses for gaming as well as for working a lot online.

5 Hot Games For The Holiday Season 2012

According to the Neilson ratings, the top-ranked video games this holiday are:

*****Halo 4 — The Future

That popular, musclebound soldier, Master Chief, is back to fight for the universe in an action-packed game with plenty of exciting graphics for Mature Audiences (17+).

*****Call of Duty: Black Ops II

This 2012 sequel to 2010’s Black Ops is highly rated for Mature Audiences (17+) in all gaming systems. Set in 2025 with futuristic weaponry to match, a bevy of battlefield drones and new zombie effects make for a winning combination.

*****Assassin’s Creed III

Super-popular, this one is also rated ‘M’ for Mature Audiences (17+) only. With some sexual content as well as a huge amount of violence (well, it is about assassins) this video game isn’t one for the kiddies at all. Although the game is set in the American Revolution, this is only about the art of being an assassin.

****Just Dance 4

It can be fun to challenge yourself on how how well you can learn dance routines. With a mix of solo, duet and Dance Crew numbers, Just Dance 4 will keep you moving. The music tracks cover catchy tunes from Elvis to Sammy.

*****Zumba Fitness Core

Dance games can be a great way to combine exercise and fun. Zumba Fitness Core focuses on strengthening your core and tightening your abs and it could be a welcome thing to counteract the effects of holiday eats. The dance styles range from Disco to Jazz for added appeal