How Ohio Band Sungaze Is Putting Eyewear Fashion On The Map

Photo by Ethan Martin of Bent Photography Ohio

We of course love our fans! We would not be the Zenni we are today without you guys. With so many of our fans wearing our glasses and doing fun and exciting things we decided to start reaching out to some of you and get to know our fans better. Our first “We See You,” spotlight is on two-year-old, Ohio based bandmates, Ivory, Tyler, Ian and Mark of Sungaze.

You tag us a lot on Instagram, thank you so much, what made you choose Zenni for your glasses needs? How did you find out about us?

Tyler and I (Ivory) have both been using Zenni for a few years now and both found your business while searching for an affordable alternative to the expensive prescription glasses you tend to find at the more traditional eyeglasses retailers.

Photo by Kelli Redding of Slow Glows

Wow, it sounds like I asked You to say that…I did not, but appreciate it. Do you consider glasses to be part of your bands aesthetic, or your “look”?

I guess I never really thought about it before, but I suppose they are, considering ¾ of us wear them!

You are all located in Ohio now that Mark has moved up from Nashville, how often do you tour and do you have any upcoming tours, so our other Zennistas can find you on the road?

On average we play out about 2-3 times per month. We started out playing in local bars and venues and have had a couple shows in Nashville and a few in Oxford, Ohio, near Miami University. 2017 was all about exploring our dynamic as a band and discovering/creating a sound that we feel best represents us on both an individual and a collective level. So far in 2018, our focus has largely been on writing and recording our debut album, for which details will be announced soon! We’re in the home stretch and are excited to begin to shift our focus back to live shows, both local and on the road.

A favorite question at Zenni is knowing what our fans favorite frames are….so what are your favorite frames?

Mine (Ivory) are definitely round frames! Ian and Tyler love square frames, for sure! And Mark is a fan of the premium Aviator sunglasses in tortoiseshell with an amber lens.

Photo by Ethan Martin of Bent Photography Ohio

How many pairs of glasses do you all have between the four of you?

I think we’ve counted about 10!

We love that answer! On that note, would any of you, Mark excluded, ever stop wearing glasses and switch to contacts?

Ian has a phobia of touching his eyeball, so he won’t be switching over any time soon. As for the rest of us, I think we’re all content with the non-contact life—less effort!

Photo by Ethan Martin of Bent Photography Ohio

What type of music genre do you consider yourselves and if you were not in a band what would each of you be doing instead?

We’re a pretty fluid mix of a lot of different influences, so it’s hard to pick just one! We tend to describe it as kind of a blend of 70’s psychedelic rock and 90’s shoegaze with some modern influence. Dreamy, atmospheric, and a little melancholy.

As for what we would be doing otherwise. Ian, says he would probably be out in the wilderness, foraging for food and growing vegetables. While Tyler says the first thing that comes to mind would be building model trains. I (Ivory) something that still ties in with the music and arts community. I’ve always had an interest in photography as well, so I could definitely see myself doing something with that. Mark would be wishing he was in a band.

Now that we know what type of music you specialize in, if you were to write a song about Zenni glasses, what would the hook be?

“Zenni Optical, you’re the one! You make wearing glasses lots of fun!” Rippin’ off Sesame Street. (please don’t sue us).

Photo by Ethan Martin of Bent Photography Ohio

Final questions, why do you like Zenni’s so much, what’s your favorite part about us?

Inexpensive glasses means more money left to spend on gear! 😊 No, but even beyond the affordability aspect, we really like that there is such a huge selection to choose from, and how easy it is to customize to your own personal style. We’ve all struggled in the past with finding glasses that didn’t make us feel self-conscious and with the Zenni’s selection, that’s no longer an issue. There seems to be something for everyone.

Thanks, Ivory and Sungaze for chatting with us about music and your Zenni’s. For more information about the band check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

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