Keeping an eye on your glasses

lost glasses

I started wearing glasses a couple of months ago and while I appreciate having better vision and no longer suffering from eye strain headaches, I’m also finding myself occasionally running around my apartment wailing “Where are my glasses?”

It can be annoying.

Of course, I’m not alone in this. I remember my mother and grandparents periodically losing their glasses over the years and the mad dash as we all tried to find them. Now it’s my turn to lose my specs, so I’ve been pumping folks for tips on how to avoid the hassles of mislaid eyewear.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

Wear Your Glasses
Obviously the easiest way to avoid losing your glasses is to keep them on your face. But if you wear readers, or sometimes prefer to work and live without your glasses, you can still keep them on your body by either pushing them to the top of your head, hanging them on your collar, dangling them from a neck chain or keeping them in a breast pocket. Make doing these things a habit and you’ll cut down on the chances of stashing your glasses in some strange place that you’ll never think to check.

A Word About Readers:
I suspect that reading glasses go missing more than other types of spectacles, simply because we are constantly taking them off, then putting them back on, during the day. Talk to your eye doctor about the possibility of getting bifocals or progressives. You can keep these glasses on all the time, reducing opportunities for misplacing them.

At Home
If wearing your glasses on your body doesn’t work for you, establish some places around your home for storing your glasses. One way to do this is to buy several different eyeglass cases and then putting them in safe places in the rooms that you visit most. For example, you could put one glass case in the top drawer of your home office desk, another on a small shelf in the kitchen and a third in your basement workshop cabinet. If you need to take your glasses off in these rooms, put them in these cases and nowhere else.

Purses and Backpacks
Hunting for glasses in a full backpack or purse, particularly when you can’t see what you are doing, is never any fun. Choose purses and backpacks that have special pockets large enough to accommodate your glasses and only use these pockets when carrying your glasses around.

Few things are worse than losing your glasses while traveling, so it’s important to keep your glasses nearby while you are on the road or in the air. Don’t ever keep your glasses in the seat pocket on an airplane: You are sure to forget them there. Even if you aren’t fond of wearing your glasses on a neck cord, it is probably best to use one while on the plane. This keeps your glasses handy and you won’t have to constantly be taking your purse or briefcase out from storage or under the seat ahead of you to store or retrieve them.

Make sure you have access to information about your eyeglass prescription in case you need to replace them while you are out of town.

In Your Car
Some companies sell eyeglass cases that clip to your sun visor. These not only keep your glasses handy and in a familiar place, but it makes it very easy for you to switch between regular and sunglasses when driving.

Keep a Spare Pair
Despite your best efforts, there is still the possibility that you’ll end up losing your glasses at some point. Keeping an extra pair or two around can be a lifesaver, particularly if you have significant vision problems.