Zenni Video Contest – Third Place Winner!

Kimberley Basnight of Durham, N.C., created an elegant, sexy video starring local model Jena Frumes that was inspired by Zenni’s affordable variety of styles. “Zenni provided a pair of glasses for literally every look,” she said. “We wish we had a hilarious blooper reel to show you, but everything went swimmingly. We had techno music playing during the shoot and our actress couldn’t help but dance the entire time.”

Getting to know our winners:

Zenni: Did you write, direct, and perform in the video?
Kimberley: Yes, we wrote and directed the video, but hired a model to be our talent.

Zenni: Who were the actors in the video?
Kimberley: The actress in the video is Jenna Frumes, a freelance model from the area.

Zenni: How long did the shoot take?
Kimberley: The shoot took approximately 4 hours, but we spent hours in post production.

Zenni: Did any funny or weird or troublesome things happen on the shoot?
Kimberley: Unfortunately, no. We wish we had a hilarious blooper reel to show you, but everything on our video shoot went swimmingly. We believe in having fun, so we had techno music playing during the shoot, and our actress couldn’t help but dance the entire time.

Zenni: What were the special challenges you faced in making this video?
Kimberley: How much time do you have? Because we certainly faced challenge after challenge. Our Zenni glasses were over 5 days late due to the chaos of online orders during the holidays. We had an elaborate, very different original concept that required two days of filming in 5 different locations. Unfortunately, the late delivery forced us to drastically re-concept the video. The day we FINALLY got our delivery, our actress was only available for 3 hours before she had to go out of town. Essentially we had to change everything about our video while working under an unforgiving time crunch.

Zenni: Have you won in other contests before?
Kimberley: Yes, Small Business Majority had a competition for Small Businesses around the nation. The goal of the contest was for each company to take the most interesting picture advertising the company’s name. Echos Media came in 2nd place among other small businesses.

Zenni: How many Zenni Pairs do you own?
Kimberley: We collectively own 6 pairs of glasses.

Zenni: How long have you been shopping with Zenni online?
Kimberley: Our team has been shopping with Zenni for the past 2 months.

Zenni: Full-rim, half-rim or rimless?
Kimberley: Full-rim is preferred.

Zenni: How did you come up with idea for your video?
Kimberley: When looking at Zenni’s website, one thing became very clear to us: the variety was phenomenal! Zenni provided a pair of glasses for literally every look. We chose that as our approach to the video. As we said before, circumstances beyond our control made our original concept not an option, but we wanted to maintain, in whatever way possible, the idea that Zenni has a million different styles of glasses. And they all look fresh! (With Zenni glasses are an accessory, not just a necessity)

Zenni: Do you have other hobbies apart from filmmaking?
Kimberley: Yes, we would say branding is definitely our passion!

Zenni: If you had only two words to describe Zenni Optical what words would you use?
Kimberley: Limitless Style.

Zenni: Why do you wear glasses?
Kimberley: Half of our team members in our studio wear glasses because the doctor has prescribed them, but there is another half that wear them simply for style! They love the “pop” that it brings to their attire.

Zenni: How will you spend the money (Will you spend your money on new glasses?)
Kimberley: We will spend the money on our team and hopefully equipment.

Questions about the crew:

Zenni: How did you come up with the music?
Kimberley: Music was the most difficult hurdle to overcome. In the end, we had 7 different versions of the video, all with completely different styles of music, all with a completely different vibe for Zenni. We were originally going to go with something more ambiguously sexual, but thought it better to appeal to a broader audience. In the end we found a selection that was fun, a little bit funky, and energetic and casual at the same time.

Zenni:  You’re really attractive. Are you a model and / or actress?
Kimberley: Oh stop it! J We are not, but the actress in our video is a freelance model. She is perfect for representing almost any brand.

Zenni: I see that you are in North Carolina. Do you plan to pursue a show business career in NY or LA?
Kimberley: Yes, if opportunities of video production arise in NY or LA, we would pursue the opportunity. The model in our video would be interested in a show business career in NY or LA as well.