Our Favorite Glasses Wearing Book Characters

childrens book characters glasses

As a child, needing glasses can be a hard idea to understand. They might feel they will be the only one in their class or friends group with glasses or not wanting to be different and to stand out. Your child also, unfortunately, might be teased or bullied due to their glasses. A great way to help kids ease into their new accessory, could be through literary characters, who also wear glasses. When children realize these characters are just like them and facing the same challenges with their glasses, it could help to make for a smoother glasses wearing transition. Here are some of our favorite frame sporting literary characters, who realize having glasses made them more unique and special.

Arthur’s Eyes

arthurs-eyes-glassesProbably one of the more recognizable glasses wearing character is Arthur the Aardvark by Marc Brown. In one of Brown’s earlier Arthur books, Arthur’s Eyes, Arthur finds out he needs glasses and is reluctant to wear them. None of Arthur’s friends or family wear glasses and he faces teasing and name calling from fellow classmates the first day. However, after learning his teacher is also a fellow specks wearer, doing better on a test than friend Francine and scoring extra points in basketball, Arthur realizes his glasses are great and really are helpful. Arthur’s Eyes, not only helps children understand why they might need glasses, but also helps with potential glasses bullying.

Specs For Rex

This is a book for slightly younger children, ages 3-5, by Yasmeen Ismail. Kindergartener, Rex the lion, gets glasses and doesn’t like them. He tries to hide them everywhere to avoid wearing them. However, in the end Rex realizes his glasses help him find Mrs. Spot’s whistle, to which he receives a gold star and his friend Zoe tells him she likes his glasses. Gold stars, and happy glasses acceptance. Rex is a cute fun read with a great message.

Junie B. Jones-First Grader (At Last)

Junie B. Jones-First Grader (At Last)Junie B, has entered first grade at last, but everything is different. May her best friend from Kindergarten has new friends, her bus friend has a new seat mate and now she must get glasses because she can’t read the chalkboard! Junie B’s mom says glasses are, “magic windows for the eyes,” but Junie B, doesn’t believe her and is worried she will look like a “goonie bird,” no one wants to be friends with a Goonie Bird. During show and tell, a nervous Juni B decides to bite the bullet and show her new purple glasses to the class. What do you know, everybody loves them. No one says she looks like a “goonie bird” and everything Juni B sees is now crystal clear. This book is part of the Juni B collection, by Barbara Park, and at 96 pages is for slightly older age levels. Juni B not only understands the worries children would might have about getting glasses, but how special you are for having them.

Princess Peepers

princess peepers glassesAnother glasses wearer is Princess Peepers, by Pam Calvert. Peepers is a princess who loves glasses. She had a different pair for every occasion, even a bug hunt. Peeper’s love of her glasses changes when she enters, the Royal Academy for Perfect Princesses. The other princesses make fun of Peepers and call her owl and Grandma. Like most kids, Peepers doesn’t want to be different, so she packs away all her glasses in a chest. The problem is Peepers needs her glasses to see and ends up spilling noodles, kissing horses and putting her dress on backwards. The real problem happens when practicing her dancing for the upcoming ball, Peepers doesn’t see the open castle window and, oh no, falls out. Luckily, she lands right on the Prince who will be attending the ball. Much to Peepers surprise, the Prince also is a fashionable frame wearer. Peepers and the Prince, put on their glasses and live happily ever after. This cute book is not only full of sparkle, but is also perfect for the fashionable, frame needing prince or princess in your life.

Who are your favorite characters with glasses, did they help make glasses wearing and acceptance easier? Also, if your child wants purple glasses like Juni B or red frames like Rex or better yet want to pick their favorite new eye look, checkout our kids glasses page here.