What to Wear to a Music Festival

Festival season has arrived, and we here at Zenni are in overload with the inspiring eyewear trends that come along with it! Warm weather is giving fall fashion a serious run for its money with bohemian twists and mod designs that demand lavish accessorizing and plentiful stares. Check out the latest styles emerging from the concert scene that’s become known as much for the trends it debuts as the music that draws in the crowds.


When in comes to festival flair, nothing says boho quite like ’70s era style. Rompers, florals and chiffon take center stage along with pretty details like cut-outs, feathers, bell sleeves and fringe. Part romantic and part hippie, this fun look combines modern details like layered necklaces and ankle boots with lace accents and vintage prints for a look that’s as youthful as it is classic. Finish the style with round torties or bright mirrored lenses.


The ladies aren’t the only ones with great style options this season. Men’s fashion is embracing the festival aesthetic with retro nods to Bermuda shorts, loafers and plaid. The look is simple but strong enough to command attention, especially when paired with wayfarers or browline frames for a comfortable but mature presentation.


Don’t be afraid to drape yourself in florals for this pretty look that’s naturally romantic and refined. Dainty florals, pastel prints and stacked jewelry make this style flawlessly feminine but also cutting edge when paired with whimsical accessories. Translucent, neutral sunglasses enhance the earthy feel of this delicate mix of ladylike details.


Music festivals are meant to be enjoyed as much as they’re meant to showcase the latest trends. Keep cool in the shade with essential separates that are easy and no-fuss. Denim cut-offs showcase your fashionable footwear and are cozy and versatile enough to pair with anything you throw at them. Striped tees and tanks keep the look casual, while a bit of eyewear color prevents the look from getting lost in the crowd.


Show off your athletic side with sporty garments that are sure to win praise. Faux leather accents are toned down with jersey fabric in neutral shades of gray and basic black. High top sneakers and baseball caps help balance mini skirts, while oversized tees play nicely with tight fits.

Which concerts are you planning to attend, and more importantly, which of these style statements are you going to make when you arrive? Tell us all about your festival plans in the comments section below!