Zenni Optical Joins Forces with Evo as the Official Eyewear Partner

Zenni Optical Joins Forces with Evo as the Official Eyewear Partner

Zenni Optical, a leader in online eyewear retail, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Evo, the world’s premier fighting game tournament. This collaboration heralds Zenni as the Official Eyewear of Evo, marking a significant milestone in bringing style and eye health innovation to the competitive gaming arena.

“The fighting game community is one of the most dynamic and passionate sectors in gaming,” stated Robb Chiarini, Head of Gaming, Sports, & Events at Zenni Optical. “Partnering with Evo, a symbol of inclusivity and competitive excellence, reflects our shared values of accessibility and commitment to the community. We are excited to promote eye health awareness and support gamers at every level.”

As the first eyewear brand to partner with Evo, Zenni will feature prominently in all Evo events, including the upcoming Evo 2024 in Las Vegas this July and Evo Japan. The partnership will also introduce an Evo-branded eyewear collection and roll out educational content focused on the importance of eye health, featuring Zenni’s innovative Blokz+ Tints technology for blue light protection.

Zenni Optical Joins Forces with Evo as the Official Eyewear Partner

Rick Thiher, General Manager of Evo, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, “We are delighted to welcome Zenni Optical as our Official Eyewear Partner. Their commitment to affordable, high-quality eyewear and technological innovation like Blokz+ Tints will greatly benefit our players, helping them achieve peak performance.”

This collaboration not only enhances the gaming experience for participants but also sets a new standard for health and performance within the esports community. As Evo continues to bring together the best in global competition, Zenni is proud to stand alongside, providing essential support through exceptional eyewear. For more information about Zenni Optical and our innovative products, visit press.

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