5 Tips for Making Sure your Glasses Go with Your Hairstyle

  • BY Lainie Petersen

hairdo with glasses
Just as glasses frame your eyes, your hair frames your face: If the they clash, you can end up with a less-than-desirable look. While owning multiple pairs of glasses is one way of dealing with this problem, a better strategy is learning how to match your hairstyle and glasses.

Here are some tips for making sure that your hair and eyeglass frames work together:


1. Know Your Face Shape

Your face shape should dictate both your hairstyle and your eyeglass frame design. Unsure about your face? Ask your hairstylist or facialist for an analysis, or check out this post for tips on determining the shape of your face. The rules for choosing haircuts and glass frames to suit a particular face shape are surprisingly similar.

  • For example, people with heart-shaped faces should avoid making the forehead look wider than it already is. This means no top-heavy eyeglass frames or blunt, straight-across bangs.


2. Check Out Magazines and Photos Online

Look for photos of people who look great in their glasses. Their hairstyles probably have something to do with how they look, so pay attention and, if you think a style might suit you, bring its picture into your stylist.


3. Use Clips to Simulate a No-Bang Look

If you are thinking about growing your bangs out, one easy way to tell whether your bare forehead works with your current frames is to pin the bangs back with hair clips. This will help you decide if you’ll need new eyewear after the growing-out process.


4. Bring Your Glasses to Your Hair Appointment

If you wear glasses, bring them with you when you get your hair done. This will help your stylist make recommendations. You can also try on your glasses after the cut, so that the stylist can make adjustments if necessary.

  • If you have your brows professionally done, bring your glasses to your appointments. The esthetician can make better decisions about brow shape and color if s/he knows what kind of glasses you wear.


5. Don’t Forget Color

Frame and hair colors can clash, so make sure your colorist knows that you wear glasses before s/he starts mixing. While a major contrast between frames and hair can be cute and edgy, that may not be the look you want.


Keep in mind that Zenni Frame Fit allows you to upload a photo of yourself and “try on” any of Zenni’s frames before you make a purchase. If you are thinking about switching back to a hairstyle you had in the past, comb through old photos of yourself from that time period and upload it to Frame Fit. Another option is to use a hairstyle try-on app that lets you superimpose styles onto a photograph: Choose some looks for yourself and then upload those photos to Frame Fit to see how they work.