7 of TV’s Coolest Women Who Wear Glasses

  • BY Zenni Optical

Forget the power suit! Here at Zenni we think a quality pair of glasses and a confident woman is the ultimate power couple. Take inspiration from these strong and stylish TV characters to get creative with eyewear choices.

Claire Underwood (House of Cards)


Image credit: She Knows

Whether running a non-profit or running the country, no one wields power as stylishly as First Lady Underwood. Sleek, understated, and a bit androgynous, Claire knows how to enhance her feminine charms with just a touch of menswear-inspired design. These glasses will suit any woman with a clear agenda in mind.


Liz Lemon (30 Rock)

tina fey glasses

Image credit: IGN

Geek chic never looked smarter than on Liz Lemon. Lemon’s signature thin, rounder frames are synonymous with the witty head writer. These vintage-style frames in tortoiseshell add just the right amount of quirk for the woman who has a serious, yet funny sensibility.


Mindy Lahiri (The Mindy Project)

mindy lahiri style

Image credit: More.com

Mindy Lahiri is without a doubt the trendiest doctor on TV. Her subtle glasses add that extra touch of cool to her traditional doctor’s coat and scrubs. When she’s not at her practice, Mindy draws attention by wearing bright colored ensembles and vibrant prints. Pair these black square glasses with both on and off the clock outfits to operate in pure style.


Amy Farrah Fowler (Big Bang Theory)

amy farrah fowler

Image credit: Adaha

You don’t need a Ph.D. in neurobiology to rock these glasses. Amy has proved she is Sheldon Cooper’s equal in both brains and banter, so take note of her smart eyewear choice. You don’t have to be a genius to imagine how great you’ll look in these round aviator frames.


Alex Dunphy (Modern Family)

alex dunphy glasses

Image credit: Wikia

Intelligent, understated and full of class, Alex’s look is quintessentially “nerdy-chic.” Bring out your own inner bookworm with these tasteful, oversized glasses below.


Jess Day (New Girl)


Image credit: AHD Wallpaper

Zooey Deschanel made the term “adorkable” mainstream with the help of her vintage-inspired frames as Jess Day on “New Girl.” Feel like a leading lady with these marbled rectangle glasses from our Metro Collection that are as unique as you are. Adorable? Yes. Dorky? Never.


Elizabeth McCord (Madam Secretary)

Elizabeth McCord glasses

Image credit: E! Online

Secretary-inspired glasses take on a whole new meaning when referencing Elizabeth McCord. Bold everyday glasses help for making bold decisions daily. Like a little black dress or classic pair of pumps, these clean, classic square frames transition from day to evening or from public to private sector seamlessly.


Which female TV character do you think wears eyewear best? Tell us in the comments below!