Trendspotting: Phoenix Street Style


After a whirlwind trip to Colorado, Zenni is on the road again! If you’ve been following our #Zenniroadtrip adventures on Snapchat @Zennioptical, you know what that means…we’re hitting up college campuses and all the local city spots for real life street-style inspiration.

Our second stop on the #Zenniroadtrip brought us to the Southwest, where we spent two days exploring Phoenix, Arizona. We searched Phoenix’s trendiest neighborhoods, restaurants, and shops to bring you our top picks for Phoenix street-style fashion. We knew this city was hot but once we styled these gorgeous gals in our favorite fall eyewear trends, it was on fire! Check out our super stylish looks from this beautiful desert city.


Image credit: Marsha McGregor

Name: Grace Josephine Unger

Occupation: Restaurateur

Spotted: Outside of her restaurant, Tuck Shop, in the heart of Phoenix

Where are you from: I’ve lived all over the world! I’m originally from Manchester, England. Over the years, I’ve lived in Arizona, Australia, France, and California. I recently moved back to Phoenix in December to open Tuck Shop.

What she likes most about Phoenix: I love the weather! After spending six years in the U.K., the fact that you can be outside nine months of the year is amazing!

What she does for fun: I love being outdoors! Some of my favorite activities are hiking Camelback Mountain and taking day trips to Sedona. I’m also very involved in community work in the Phoenix area.

Outfit: My dress is vintage and has a retro-vibe that works nicely with the mid-century feel of my restaurant. My heels are by Jimmy Choo and they’re my staple black stilettos. I actually own several pairs!

Personal style: I’m all about mixing up basics with vintage. You can usually find me in head-to-toe Vince paired with a vintage scarf, jewelry, and some cool shades. I’ve gathered inspiration for myself, in the way I dress and for my restaurant, with my international upbringing.

What’s in her eyewear wardrobe: Even though I don’t need prescription glasses, I have a fascination with eyewear. As for my sunglasses, I’m drawn to vintage styles. I’m a huge aviator fan. I’ve been told I have a good face for sunglasses so I love to play around with different vintage shapes, and I will never pass up a yellow-tinted lens!

Eyewear: Grace is wearing Zenni’s vintage-inspired browline glasses featuring an animal print tortoiseshell pattern for a super stylish look with retro-appeal.




Image credit: Marsha McGregor

Name: Eliza Stark

Occupation: US Visual Merchandiser at Lanvin

Spotted: Outside of The Hermosa Inn in Paradise Valley

Where are you from: I am originally from Phoenix and I’m here visiting family. I currently live in New York City.

What she likes most about Phoenix: I love going out to restaurants and enjoying time with family and friends.

Outfit: My linen drawstring halter dress is from Old Navy, my black leather sandals are Madewell, and my brown leather purse is Céline. She accessorized her outfit with a variety of rings, stacking bracelets, and a pair of statement earrings from baublebar. I usually just wear my diamond earrings, but I have realized I need to step up my accessories game. So I have become more daring with my earrings which I got from baublebar. My gold ring is a signet ring with my initials that I have had forever. My silver and turquoise rings are from all over! Two were gifts and the one on my pointer finger I found at the Santa Fe Indian Market. My rings I wear every day, I feel naked without them. I like that they are simple and very casual. My stacked bracelets are from Madewell. I bought them years apart but have started to always wear them together. They are not too bold so I wear them all the time!

Personal style: I like to mix high and low fashion as you can see with what I am wearing. I don’t think you ever have to wear all designer – it’s nice to do a mix! I like to try to be somewhat fashion forward but mix it with my own style. Right now, I am really into ‘70-inspired fashion. I love vintage shopping especially in NYC – there are so many unique stores and pop-up shops. I like to choose trendy pieces with classic pieces that never go out of style.

What’s in her eyewear wardrobe: I kind of have an addiction to sunglasses and have about eight pairs from various high-end designers. I like to mix it up with what I’m wearing. Usually the frames are neutral, but I also have reflective lenses. If I’m wearing a neutral outfit, I like to add the reflective lenses for a pop of color.

Eyewear: Eliza is styled in Zenni’s ultra-chic, matte tortoiseshell frames featuring a rounded silhouette, gold metal brow-bar detailing, and amber-tint gradient lenses.




Image credit: Marsha McGregor

Name: Kristal

Occupation: IT Product Owner based in Washington, D.C.

Spotted: Dining at Postino in Arcadia

Where are you from: I’m from Atlanta, Georgia, but have been living in the D.C. area for almost four years. I’m here in Phoenix on vacation.

What she likes most about Phoenix: I love the weather and the mountain landscape the most! While visiting this time, I went skydiving for the first time at Skydive Phoenix, and I love to check out local and regional bars, restaurants, and wines. Postino was definitely a great experience!

Outfit: Kristal is wearing an H&M striped dress, sandals from Marshalls, a Michael Kors bracelet, earrings from JustFab, and her bag [not pictured] is from Dagne Dover in Cork.

Personal style: I’d say my personal style is a bit trendy and a bit classic, with a teeny dash of conservative Southern gal mixed in. I pretty much buy whatever I like or come across! I like everything from thrift stores to the high-end, luxury brands. I love mixing classic pieces like plain t-shirts and jeans, with super funky shoes or jewelry, and a great bag. I’m also a big fan of easy dresses, and I pair them with accessories to make them a bit more interesting. I love colors and patterns!

What’s in her eyewear wardrobe: I have tons of eyewear! I’ve worn glasses since the fourth grade, so I’ve probably tried every style that’s ever been out. Right now, I’m really into cat-eye or the slight cat-eye style. I like colored lenses, mirrored lenses, and I really love plastic frames because they are durable and can come in a ton of colors.

Eyewear: Kristal is wearing Zenni’s rounded cat-eye sunglasses featuring a matte brown, ombre frame with amber-tinted lenses from the LA Collection.




Image credit: Marsha McGregor

Name: Amanda Birk

Occupation: Server and bartender at Postino Wine Bar and Restaurant

Spotted: East Campbell Ave. in Arcadia

Where are you from: I’m a Phoenix local. I have been here since I was 5 years old!

What she likes most about Phoenix: I love the winter months! Winter is the time of year where we can finally come out from hiding in our homes because of the heat in the brutal summer months. Once it drops down to 90 degrees, you’ll finally see people wearing long sleeves and beanies.

What she does for fun: Phoenix is an up-and-coming city so there are a lot of new bars and I try to go to a lot of shows when I can. I try to see see any bands that I like who are passing through town. The Lumineers, Borns, Catfish and the Bottlemen. I enjoy local bands acts as well.

Outfit: My black skinny jeans are from Urban Outfitters and I love them because they have a small ankle opening. My boots are from Urban Outfitters as well. The white tee I’m wearing is from Old Navy which is amazing for basics! It’s super affordable and everything fits so well. The denim shirt I’m wearing is from Buffalo Exchange. I’m also wearing a Giving Key necklace that my boyfriend’s mom got me. They’re refurbished keys and you’re supposed to pass them down to other people.

Personal style: I’m pretty laid back when it comes to my style. I like to stick to the basics but I like layering. I tend to keep my outfits pretty neutral. I rarely wear any color. If I do my go-to colors are denim, olive or burgundy which are great for fall. My favorite item of clothing would have to be a denim jacket I’ve had for over 10 years. It has holes in the elbows and it’s super worn but in the right way. I’m pretty much always wearing some sort of black boots and I also like to wear leather jackets so I guess you could say that I have a bit of a casual edge to my style as well.

Where she shops: I shop everywhere, really. You can always find good things anywhere if you look. I love shopping at Buffalo Exchange because you can find higher end items for cheaper. I’m always shopping at places like Urban Outfitters and H&M as well. We have a Last Chance in Phoenix, which is a Nordstrom company, where you can find designer items for way less than you’d buy at Nordstrom. I don’t like spending a ton on clothing because I like to have a lot of it and why spend $50 on a tee? No! I try and keep up on current trends but, honestly, I just wear whatever I want.

What’s in her eyewear wardrobe: As for eyewear style, I’ve always been a fan of traditional square frames but lately I’ve been loving the browline look. A cat-eye frame is super cute too but it also depends on the outfit. I like to stick to black because I wear a lot of it but I like to mix it up with a tortoiseshell look on occasion. Actually, I’ve been searching for new frames. I just went shopping the other day but left empty handed.

Eyewear: Amanda is wearing Zenni’s browline sunglasses with gray-tinted gradient lenses and gold metal detailing.



Check back soon as the next leg of the #Zenniroadtrip takes us to Los Angeles aka the West Coast style capital. We’ll have more trendspotting, on-the-street fashion, and all the latest eyewear trends.

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